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Project Graduation 2019

Submitted by Jessica Jackson.

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What is Project Graduation? You probably read and hear about it, but do you truly know what it is? If you go to our web site on, you can find our Frequently Asked Questions and discover what we are really all about!

On a monthly basis, we run our gift card program and our recycling program. In the spring, we will be selling those delicious Butter Braid Breads! For more information, visit our website (mentioned above) or visit us on Facebook at HKHS Project Graduation. You can view pictures from past years’ celebrations and get the latest news!

Consider donating to Project Graduation. We are a non-profit! It is a great cause and costs a lot of money to put on. We would love your help! For any comments or questions, feel free to contact one of our Chairpersons:

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