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Needleman: Ban on PFAS In Firefighting Foam, Expanding Health Coverage

By Norm Needleman, State Senator.

Next Wednesday, July 28, 2021 at 11:00 a.m., State Representative Brian Smith and I will be joining First Selectman Mary Bylone of Colchester for her Open Office Hours on Facebook Live. We look forward to joining her and answering your questions about state and local issues.

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In local sports news, Old Saybrook native Vin Baker, who played basketball for Old Saybrook High School before continuing into a long and fruitful NBA career, won the NBA Finals with the Milwaukee Bucks, with whom he is an assistant coach. I hope we can all be proud of his accomplishments and keep his success in mind as a reminder that anything is possible with hard work and dedication!

Please take a couple of minutes to read a few new developments that may be of interest to your family.

Ban on PFAS In Firefighting Foam,
Food Packaging Signed into Law

This week, Governor Lamont signed a bill passed during this year’s legislative session commemorating the adoption of a new state law banning use of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances in the use of firefighting foam and food packaging. The “forever chemicals,” also known as PFAS, are used in materials around the world despite potential health hazards. As of October 1, 2021, firefighting foam with PFAS in it will be banned for use, and has been banned immediately in training. PFAS will also be phased out in food packaging by 2023. This legislation came as a result of the accidental release of PFAS from an aircraft hangar at Bradley International Airport and three months before a traffic airplane crash there required use of PFAS-containing foam to put out a fire. The federal Centers for Disease Control reports that PFAS may have negative health impacts to members of the public.

Want To Pay $0 For Health Coverage?
You May Be Eligible

Through the Covered Connecticut Program, which is run through the Office of Health Strategy in a partnership with the Department of Social Services, the Insurance Department and Access Health CT, some residents will be eligible to pay $0 for both premiums and cost sharing through Access Health CT. Currently, HUSKY A parents and caretakers between 160 and 175% of the federal poverty level who are enrolled in an Access Health CT Silver Plan are eligible; starting in July 2022, all non-pregnant people aged 18-64 with incomes up to 175% of the federal poverty level enrolled in silver plans will also be eligible. In July 2022, both groups will also be eligible for wraparound coverage for dental and medical transportation. Right now, you can utilize the special enrollment period, through August 15, to get covered. If you have questions or want to check eligibility, visit or call 1-855-805-4325.

Keeping Kids Safe – Keep Substances Protected

It’s important to keep our children safe, which is why officials are reminding the public to keep substances that could potentially be harmful, including prescription medications and adult-use substances, in safe and secure places. It can only take a moment for a young child to ingest something left within their reach, and it can happen to anyone. It’s better to take precautions now to avoid an emergency in the future. Please remember to lock prescriptions and adult-use substances in cabinets, safes or private drawers; keep medications stored out of the reach of children; store prescriptions and adult use substances in their original containers; and bring unwanted, unused or expired medications to a drug takeback location. Safe storage is mandated by Connecticut law and regulations for such substances and items, which include penalties for improper storage.


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