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Middlesex Chamber Approved for State Bond Commission Funding

Submitted by Haley Stafford

(June 10. 2024) — The Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce has been approved for $3.28 million in bond funding for renovations and capital improvements at its Main Street, Middletown office.

The 7,000 square foot Chamber office was built in 1915 and has been part of the community for more than a century. The bond funds, authorized under the Connecticut Urban Act Grant program, will allow for needed building renovations, energy efficiency upgrades and ADA improvements. The project will provide important upgrades, while maintaining the historic look and character of the original building.

Johanna Bond, President of the Chamber said, “We are so grateful to the Governor and the Bond Commission for awarding these funds to upgrade the Middlesex Chamber building. We appreciate the assistance of Matt Lesser and the support of the entire Middlesex County legislative delegation in this process.” Bond continued, “These building renovations will allow us to continue to grow valuable programs and services which support businesses, enhance jobs and promote economic development in Connecticut.”

The Chamber conducts programs that support diversity, equity and inclusion, economic development, workforce development, youth employment, manufacturing, housing, substance abuse prevention, veterans and tourism. The Chamber utilizes member dues; collaborates with businesses, public and private educational institutions; and leverages state and federal programs to cost effectively provide a multitude of programs and services.

Sean Hayes, Chairman of the Board of the Middlesex Chamber, noted, “The Middlesex Chamber has a long history of providing valuable services for our members and supporting economic development and workforce development needs for residents and businesses in Middlesex County and beyond. This funding will allow for necessary renovations to make the existing building safe, energy efficient and fully accessible so important programs and services which benefit Connecticut businesses and residents will continue.”

The Middlesex Chamber office hosts the Connecticut Small Business Development Center, Middlesex County Revitalization Committee (MCRC), Central Business Bureau (CBB) and Central Regional Tourism Office. These entities partner with the Chamber to actively support businesses and economic development that benefit residents of Middletown, the county and the state.

Bond noted, “The project aligns with the goals of the Connecticut Urban Act as it supports activities which promote economic development and improve the quality of life for urban residents of the state, particularly municipalities such as Middletown, which are designated as economically distressed, public investment communities or urban centers.”

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