Monday, April 22, 2024
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Lock Your Cars!

Troopers would like to remind residents to lock their cars. Many of the towns that have been experiencing a problem with vehicle break-ins and stolen vehicles are towns in which limited access highways (that is, Route 9, I95, I91, I84, etc.), run through them. The reason being that thieves have easy access to residential areas via the limited access highways. The trend seems to be that these criminals are not necessarily “breaking into” vehicles; but are rather entering unlocked vehicles and helping themselves to people’s belongings.
The Haddam Resident Troopers Office and Troopers from State Police Troop F are reminding Haddam residents to be proactive so they do not fall victim to incidents such as the ones we have been seeing in other communities. It is our hope that by heightening awareness and being proactive, we can circumvent these types of incidents here in town.
Always keep your vehicles locked no matter where you live and try to keep them in well-lit areas.
Do not leave firearms in your vehicle. 
Set car alarms. 
Do not hide keys or key fobs in your vehicle. 
Consider installing or activating your vehicle GPS tracking units, i.e., On-Star. 
Do not leave your car running unattended even if it is for a few minutes. 
Residents are urged to call the Haddam Resident Troopers Office at 860-345-2769 or Troop F at 860399-2100 if you see anything suspicious, especially during the early morning hours. Call 911 for emergencies.

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