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Letter to the Editor: Vote Yes on Early Voting

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. We welcome supporting or opposing views on any published item. Received October 30, 2022.
I am writing to urge a YES vote for the Early Voting ballot question that citizens will vote on this election.  This will allow Connecticut to join 46 other states in offering voters early voting.
A vote on Early Voting is necessary as it requires a constitutional change to enact.  Once citizens approve the ballot question, then the legislature will determine the details, e.g., how many days each town will make it available.  Citizens will have time to give their input on how they would like to see Early Voting set up with their legislators during the next session.
An example of how early voting might be set up in towns like Killingworth is what I experienced when I voted early as a Massachusetts resident.  I went to Town Hall to the Town Clerk’s office where one voting machine was set up.  I got my ballot and voted in person with brief assistance by the person working in the office.
I prefer voting in person.  Early voting offers this voting method on more than one day.  To me, absentee voting requires as much effort, if not more, by the voter and election workers as would early voting.  With absentee voting, you have to get an application, fill it out and return it to the town, the town has to check your voting status, and then send you a ballot, which you have to fill out and return for the election workers to process and cast your ballot.
With early voting, I get to see in person that my ballot goes into the voting machine as I would on Election Day.  This gives me a personal satisfaction to see my ballot being put into the voting machine and counted.
Give yourself and other voters the opportunity to vote in person, see their vote counted and not be restricted to one day to do that.  Vote YES for Early Voting in Connecticut!
Carol Reimers, Killingworth

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