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Letter to the Editor: Rep. Palm Has Led an Exemplary Campaign

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. Received Oct. 26, 2020.

To The Editor:

I’m writing in response to a recent letter in which the author repeatedly referred to Bob Siegrist’s “constituents,” and urged residents in the 36th District to re-elect him. To be clear, Christine Palm is the State Representative in the 36th Assembly District, and she is the candidate for re-election. Supporters may testify to Mr. Siegrist’s prior tenure in office, but his alleged success did not secure him re-election in 2018. Why would they presume that he is more qualified now?

Representative Palm has led an exemplary campaign, focused on her consistent efforts to meet the needs of her constituents, as well as on her meaningful initiatives to improve the quality of their lives. Her work has focused on access to healthcare services, affordable housing, improved wages, climate change and the environment, job creation for young people, and low cost prescription drugs for seniors and those with diabetes. She has fought for public safety measures, and safe voting during the pandemic. She has been dedicated to these issues as our representative, and her success in office is clearly evident by her record.

Further, Representative Palm has conducted her campaign in the way she lives her life- honest, diligent, and respectful. She has not engaged in unfounded, slanderous, and misleading allegations which characterize some of the letters submitted by Siegrist supporters in recent weeks. It seems unfortunate that they find them necessary. I urge voters in the 36th Assembly District to give Representative Palm the attention she deserves.

Her work has been commendable in every way and she is worthy of your vote. Re-elect Christine Palm. She will continue to work for you, because you matter.

Claire Walsh
Deep River

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