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Letter to the Editor: One State Representative’s List of “Bad Bills” at the Legislature

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. We welcome supporting or opposing views on any published item. Received March 14, 2023.

State Representative Gale Mastrofancesco of Wolcott has provided a list of bills introduced to the 2023 Connecticut House and Senate that she feels many voters may find objectionable. Rep. Mastrofrancesco found these 2023 proposed bills to be some of the “most egregious pieces of legislation” put forward by Democratic lawmakers. The list below is categorized by her staff:

Election Integrity:

HJ 12 Grants illegal immigrants the right to vote

HB 5702 Allows inmates to vote

HB 5704 Mandatory Voting – With fines if you don’t vote

SB 244 Politically motivated bill that permanently strips voting rights from certain groups, but not others

HJ 19 Lowers the voting age to 16

Property Rights:

SB 909 “Right to Housing” for undocumented immigrants

HB 6593 Removes local control of zoning

HB 6109 Prevents landlords from using background checks

SB 138 Strips away property rights from landlords

Parental Rights:

HB 5480 Allows children to be vaccinated without parental consent

HB 6396 Excludes parents from providing input when they disagree with topics taught in schools

Medical Freedom:

SB 96 Forced organ donation of helmetless motorcyclists involved in fatal crashes

SB 39 Automatically makes drivers organ donors

Social Justice:

HB 6491 Pushes the replacement of gas stoves

HB 5323 Husky health benefits for illegal immigrants

SB 818 Forms a reparations task force

HB 5520 Hiring more tax enforcement agents to increase audits of citizens

SB 229 Pays workers unemployment after they choose to go on strike

If you agree with Rep. Mastrofranceso that these bills are objectionable, she encourages voters to voice their thoughts and concerns to their legislators.  The website provides links to these bills. Be aware that, occasionally, proposed bills may “die” and then be reintroduced at a later date. Because the number of the bill may then change, be sure to address the bill by its name and subject.

On the Connecticut General Assembly website,,  you will find the email addresses and bills sponsored by legislators. Below are the phone numbers for our representatives and party offices:

State Representative Christine Palm                              (860) 240-8585

State Senator Norm Needleman                                    (860) 240-0428

Connecticut Republicans                                                (860) 240-8800

Connecticut Democrats                                                  (860) 240-8600

House Republicans                                                       (860) 240-8700

House Democrats                                                         (860) 240-8500

Submitted by Sally Haase, Haddam





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