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Letter to the Editor: Is Killingworth Okay?

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper.

(Sept. 30, 2019) — Is Killingworth OK? Sure. Can it be better? Absolutely! That’s why we need to elect Francesco Lulaj for First Selectman and Eileen Blewett for Selectwoman.

Killingworth has kept the mill rate stable by using the town savings: our reserves. Like your own savings account, if money is continually withdrawn, the savings will be depleted. Savings are for future plans or when unexpected expenses are incurred. Killingworth cannot afford to keep dipping into reserve money to keep our mill rate level. It will take better management of projects and funds to ensure we can run the town and plan for the future.

The State of Connecticut will be placing additional burdens on all towns soon, including passing on teachers’ pension obligations which will be a very costly expense. It is time to look for more efficient and cost effective ways to run Killingworth. Francesco and Eileen will examine our budget closely and look for ways to maintain our mill rate, without reducing services. Francesco’s expertise at managing a successful business will be valuable skills in running our town. Eileen’s term on the Board of Education has proven she knows how to look for every penny of savings in budgets while keeping the standard of excellence.

Please join me in electing the team of Francesco Lulaj and Eileen Blewett to the Killingworth Board of Selectmen. We cannot afford to wait for a change any longer.

Linda M. Dudek




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