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Letter to the Editor: HRTC Response to Rep. Christine Palm’s Opposition to BoE Candidates

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. Received July 28, 2021. The letter below is in response to this letter

Rep. Christine Palm has made a statement in which she declares her belief that two persons nominated to run for the Regional District #17 Board of Education by the caucus of Haddam Republicans are unfit to serve.  This is a blatant attempt by an extremist liberal to cancel specific candidates, to damage the entire Republican slate in Haddam and to interfere with the election process in the town of Haddam.

Ms. Palm’s rationale is that the two individuals attended the rally at the U. S. Capitol, and she declares that the assembly was illegal; this is Ms. Palm’s way of cancelling the First Amendment right to peaceful assembly for these two.  She further claims that these two participated in what she calls a ‘profoundly damaging insurrection’ and an ‘armed crowd attack of the U. S. Capitol’.  There is no evidence that these two peoples participation was nothing more than peaceful.  Here are some facts to support their peaceful intent:

Shannon Johnson says “On January 6, I attended the Presidential Rally in Washington D.C. with my 70yearold mother-in-law from Holland.  We walked on the lawn and watched from the tunnels.  When the police allowed people to enter the Capitol, we walked up to the steps where I stood on the second step and took a video of the crowd.  We turned and went back to where we had been and left.  Later I was interviewed by an FBI agent who advised me that they needed nothing further regarding my trip.”
Chris Page states that “upon my arrival I walked around the Capitol with my two sons, aged 9 and 16.  I was there to give my boys an advanced lesson in Civics. To say we did anything else is a blatant lie.”

insinuate that these two people participated in an insurrection by an armed crowd is no different from accusing any person who has ever attended a ‘Black Lives Matter’ rally, of the burning and looting of stores and buildings which have occurred at some of these BLM rallies.   Ms. Palm needs to tone down her rhetoric.

Rep. Christine Palm has no tolerance for opinions differing from her own.  Perhaps Ms. Palm is merely unhappy with the people of Haddam who have rejected her leftist agenda in her elections for state office.

Samuel Crum, Chair Haddam Republican Town Committee
Haddam, CT

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