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Letter to the Editor: Hooray for Haddam!

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Letter to the editor:

(Oct. 31, 2019) — I was so pleased to participate in the community session on the future of Higganum Center Wednesday night. The room was filled to standing room only, the program was well run and the mood was very encouraging. I commend our town leaders for organizing the event and promoting so much participation.

For many years the town has stared at prominent, yet basically empty buildings, and idly watched an unwanted decline in the charm of the Higganum Village area. The mood had become gloomy, but it was wonderful to see such energy and synergy in the room Wednesday night! Not everyone had the same opinions or ideas, but there was real unity and community spirit throughout the large group.

The closing of Haddam Elementary School spawned a lot of negativity that isn’t in the true character of our town. It was as if a dark cloud settled over Haddam. What I realized in the meeting though is that the school closure has caused us to join together, face the issues, seek shared solutions and act positively as a town. I think the cloud is lifting and the silver lining is that residents care about our town and are eager to unite to improve it for the future. Hooray for Haddam!

Ed Munster
Haddam, CT



  1. Last night was truly amazing. This is what our town needs! Working together and get along will move us forward. United we stand, divided we are stagnant. Let us keep this healthy attitude and do awesome things together. Thank you to Bill Warner, Planning and Zoning Commission, BoF and all the residents that were able to come out and have a voice! See you Saturday, 9:00 AM at HES!!!

  2. The session at HES was impressive. By my estimate 140 of us got together to discuss the future of Higganum Center. Thanks to all who were there! A number of good ideas and concerns were raised. I look forward to seeing what comes out of the second session on Saturday.

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