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Letter to the Editor: Help Wanted for an Eagle Scout Hopeful

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. We welcome supporting or opposing views on any published item. Received February 8, 2024.

Boy Scouts in Killingworth are thriving with many Eagle Scouts and their projects found all over town. The project process is strenuous and involves planning, proposing (to the appropriate town commission), fundraising, executing, and summarizing. Below are the ten most recent Killingworth Eagle Scout projects, as well as how you can support the one happening now.

Ten Eagle Scouts who completed their projects in Killingworth are:

-Cooper Pitts 9/10/23 installed eight benches at Killingworth Recreational Park

-Tristan Schemmerling 6/20/23 installed a flagpole in the front of Killingworth Congregational Church with memorial bricks as a foundation

-Hayden Smith 9/22/21 built and designed a boardwalk system over muddy areas at the disc golf course in back of Killingworth Recreational Park

-Evan Kamoen 1/8/21 installed ten mossback fishing structures at Foster Pond

-Luke Sodergren 1/22/20 built eight wooden benches at Sheldon Park

-Jackson Pitts 7/29/20 built a Gaga Pit at Killingworth Recreational Park (photo above)

-Christopher Sacchi 5/18/18 built a wooden bridge over a small creek at Parmelee Farm

-Michael Callis 10/16/17 re-blazed and standardized eighteen miles of hiking trails in Cockaponset State Forest

-Doug Brown 8/23/17 re-blazed a hiking trail and made a kiosk behind Killingworth Elementary School

-Noah Snyder 8/31/17 built a Little League helmet rack

For perspective, these projects took 100-300 hours to complete and cost between $1,500-$6,000.

I am currently working on my Eagle Scout Project and plan on building a dock at Sheldon Park.  It will be a good fishing spot since there is an annual fishing derby at the park, and the dock will be elevated to allow casting over the reeds. I also want to make a space for people to enjoy the view. In addition, the Park and Recreation Committee has requested installation of a dock to finish off the previously installed walkway. The dock is estimated to cost $4,500 and will measure 10’ x 16’ with railings on the three sides facing the water.

Any donation would be greatly appreciated, and a Keymark sponsor donation of $500 or above will get your business name on the project plaque. Please donate to my GoFundMe titled “Dock at Sheldon Park/Eagle Project.” Here is the link:

Thank you,

Ethan Pitts, Killingworth

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