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Letter to the Editor: Cathy Iino Supports Christine Cohen

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Letter to the Editor:

Our towns lucked out when Christine Cohen became our state senator.

Christine listens with an open mind to all of her constituents, and then she digs deeply into their issues. Her colleagues respect her so much that in her first term, she already plays a leadership role in the Senate. As a result, she has represented us all knowledgeably and effectively. She has stood up to the power company on our behalf, helped put into place a paid family and medical leave system that seems quite prescient now, voted to lower business taxes, strengthened state-level protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and spearheaded important environmental legislation. Her work on laws that opened up the hemp industry in Connecticut created a real agricultural opportunity in Killingworth.

As much as Christine Cohen listens, she also regularly reports to us on important government programs and policies, on developments in our district that we might not know about, and on ways to access government services. Especially in times like these, Christine’s help in navigating the roiling waters is invaluable.

I have had the opportunity to work with Christine on several issues, and I have seen how attentive and responsive she is. She has earned our support for reelection to the State Senate on November 3, and we need to vote her in for the future of our towns.

Cathy Iino
Killingworth, CT

Cathy Iino is the current First Selectman of Killingworth.

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