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Letter to the Editor: Cancel Culture is Alive and Well in Killingworth!

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. Received July 12, 2021.

To the Editor:

Cancel Culture is Alive and Well in Killingworth!

If you doubt the claim I just made, then try disagreeing with any of our political representatives yourself. My emails and snail-mails to them concerned my assertion that too many of the responses to Covid-19 have been contradictory, of questionable effectiveness, and very damaging to our country. I cited over 20 reasons why I thought so and here are just a few examples:

1) If we were supposed to avoid crowds, why was there a big push to congregate kids back on buses and in schools?
2) Why was carpooling considered dangerous but having kids packed on school buses was not? (See Item #1)
3) According to (4-28-2020) Dr. Fauci was backing the Wuhan lab where Covid-19 was supposedly being studied with U.S. funding. So why are we still trusting this guy to be an “impartial” source of information now?

Here’s a “Response Status Report” as of July 12, 2021:
Killingworth’s First Selectwoman Cathy Iino, did respond once to disagree with me – but only once. State Senator Christine Cohen pushed my inquiry off onto one of her staff people but that’s as far as it got and no statement from her was ever forthcoming.
U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal sent me one form email letter which addressed none of the points I raised. U.S Senator Chris Murphy, State Representative Christine Goupil, and Governor Ned Lamont have totally ignored me.

Now, one would think that they would at least show me where they think I am in error and “set me straight.” That’s called a dialogue and isn’t that part of their jobs? You know what? I think that, except for Ms. Iino, these fine folks have found it much easier to cancel me!
Reckon I’ll just have to return the favor when the next election rolls around!

Edward Wood

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