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Letter to the Editor: A Board of Education Slate to be Proud Of

*Editor’s note: Jennifer Favalora is a Republican candidate endorsed by both parties.

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The Regional School District 17 Board of Education is at a key juncture. In the midst of its Strategic Plan and Master Facilities Plan, Haddam needs student-focused solutions that meet the moment.

The Haddam Democratic Board of Education slate does just that. With three highly-qualified candidates, diverse in experience and united in values, Brenda Buzzi, Heather Pach and Jennifer Favalora offer Haddam a smart path forward for our kids.

Brenda Buzzi is a lifetime resident of Haddam and experienced former member of the Board of Education who has committed her career to child development and care. Brenda is a fierce advocate for Haddam interests, doing all in her power to save Haddam Elementary and ensure that educators have the resources necessary to adequately educate our kids. Brenda has the experience, kindness and vision needed to usher our district to the next phase of its work.

All three of the Democratic candidates are standout leaders in their own right. Together, they highlight the opportunity Region 17 has to move from great to excellent, uplifting our entire community in the process.

Vote Row A on November 7.

Marie Lippincott, Haddam

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