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Letter in Support of Needleman, 10/3/18

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Connecticut Needs Norm Needleman in State Senate!

I’ve lived all but 2 of my 50+ years in the State of Connecticut. My wife and I raised our family here. I’ve travelled to and through most of the states in this country and still choose CT as my home. These times, however, aren’t CT’s best days, but I’m confident we’ll find them again.

The partisan log-jam in Hartford, the decline in our financial state and infrastructure, and the uncertainty of our future certainly make us less attractive to growing companies and their current and future employees, that influx so vital to a healthy state. We need a clear vision and a non-partisan approach to bringing it to life.

I’ve known Norm for over 20 years, having met when our kids were in school. Truthfully, I couldn’t have told you if he was Republican or Democrat, I just knew him as a successful business owner, and a genuinely honest and committed person. It wasn’t until he pursued local public office that I learned of his party affiliation, and even still, I think of him simply as a very effective leader in town, who has only improved the quality of life in Essex through his actions and leadership. Without exaggeration, he’s the most competent leader I’ve experienced in state and local politics in my decades as a resident. His commitment to education, business growth, infrastructure, and fiscal responsibility are the complete package.

I encourage readers to give Norm support. He’s done wonderful things for my hometown, and has the vision, drive, integrity and collaborative skills to chart a path to a brighter future for CT. Vote for a Connecticut that attracts and retains the best. Vote for Norm.

Andre Roussel

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