Friday, December 1, 2023
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KVFC: See the Light… Move to the Right


Pull over! It’s the law!!

With summer approaching, we are about to see an increase in traffic.

With that being said, we just wanted to take the time to remind everyone what to do when you see an emergency vehicle with red lights and siren approaching.

Please slow down, pull off to the right and STOP when it is safe to do so. We ask that you do not pull over in locations that may be unsafe for yourself or for the emergency responders, such as sharp corners or areas with blind spots to oncoming traffic.

Please do not pull over while maintaining your speed (which makes it not only hard but makes it dangerous for us to pass) but pull over and come to a stop until the emergency vehicle has passed.

Given that our emergency responders are all volunteers who also respond in personal vehicles and are permitted to display blue lights, please, as a courtesy, allow these vehicles to pass by so they can get to emergency scenes and help those in need.

Thank you!
Poster courtesy of KVFC

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