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Killingworth: Primary and Early Voting Information



TUESDAY, APRIL 2, 2024, 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.



Early Voting Hours – 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.







* Connecticut is a closed primary state. Therefore, you must be a REGISTERED DEMOCRAT to vote in the DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY and you must be a REGISTERED REPUBLICAN to vote in the REPUBLICAN PRIMARY.


* The deadline for registered voters to transfer from one political party to another to vote in their April 2, 2024 primary HAS PASSED.


* IF YOU ARE AN UNAFFILIATED VOTER (i.e.,  registered to vote but not enrolled with a political party) and wish to enroll in a party to vote in that party’s April 2, 2024 primary:

  • you have until 12:00 noon on Monday, March 25, 2024 to file in person a voter registration application with the Registrars of Voters or Town Clerk to enroll in that political party,
  • the deadline to submit mail-in and on-line voter registration applications to enroll in a political party has passed.


* IF YOU ARE NOT ALREADY REGISTERED TO VOTE and wish to vote in a primary, you have until Friday, March 15, 2024 from 12:00 noon to 2:00 p.m., to file a voter registration application in person with the Town Clerk or Registrars of Voters.


* IF YOU DO NOT REGISTER TO VOTE BY MARCH 15, 2024, you may file a voter registration application during the early voting period above in person with the Registrars of Voters or at the early voting location by noon the DAY BEFORE you want to vote to (1) enroll in a political party and (2) vote during early voting hours starting the next business day.


* Same Day Registration and voting is NOT AVAILABLE on April 2, 2024.

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  • What is the difference between Early Voting and Absentee Voting?


Absentee Voting is available for voters who cannot vote in person at their polling place on Election/Primary Day for one of the following six reasons: active service in the armed forces; absence from town; sickness; physical disability; religious tenets; or duties as an election official at a polling place other than their own for all hours of voting. An absentee ballot that has been cast can be withdrawn in the Town Clerk’s Office prior to 10:00 a.m. on Election/Primary Day in favor of voting in person at the polling place.


Early Voting allows all voters to vote in person on specific days before Election/Primary Day if that is more convenient for them. No reason is required. Once an Early Voting ballot has been cast, it cannot be withdrawn.


  • What is the procedure for Early Voting?


When you arrive at the Early Voting location at Killingworth Town Hall, you will check in with valid identification. The Checkers will issue you an envelope with your name and address on it (from the Connecticut Voter Registration System) and a ballot. If your information is not correct, notify the voting officials.  When you have completed the ballot, you must seal it in the envelope and sign the affirmation on the envelope before your ballot is inserted into the ballot box. If you do not sign the envelope, the ballot will be rejected and will not be counted.


  • When will my Early Voting ballot be counted?


Ballots cast during the Early Voting period will be counted on Election/Primary Day at the polls.  Trained poll workers will follow strict procedures to protect anonymity under the supervision of an Election Official and in view of the public. This is the same procedure that is used for Absentee Ballots.


  • What if I want to change my vote after I have submitted it?


Once your Early Voting ballot is cast, you cannot change your vote; your ballot cannot be retrieved or withdrawn. If you vote during the Early Voting period, you cannot vote on Election/ Primary Day.


  • Can I fill in my Early Voting ballot at home?


No. Early Voting ballots cannot be completed at home. If you take your ballot home with you when you leave, it will be invalidated and will not be counted, even if you bring it back. You will not be issued a new ballot.


  • Can I vote during the Early Voting period and on Election/Primary Day?


If you vote during the Early Voting period, you cannot vote on Election/Primary Day.  Any attempt to vote more than once will be reported to the State Elections Enforcement Commission (SEEC) for investigation.


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