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KAA Offers College Scholarships to High School Seniors

By Clark Judge

(March 6, 2024) — If you’re a high-school senior who graduates this year and lives in Killingworth, the town’s Ambulance Association is looking for you. That’s because the KAA has begun accepting applications for its 2024 scholarships.

As it has in the past, the Killingworth Ambulance Association offers scholarships to graduating seniors from public and private high schools. However, they must reside in Killingworth and plan on continuing their education at two- or four-year academic institutions to earn associate or bachelor’s degrees.

In addition, applicants must intend on majoring in the medical, emergency services (police, fire, etc.) or allied fields … have performed community service … and maintained a GPA of at least 3.0.

Applications are available at Haddam-Killingworth, Xavier and Mercy High Schools and must be received by the KAA or postmarked to its 335 Route 81, Killingworth address no later than Friday, April 12, 2024.

Recipients will be named at their school’s Awards Night, with checks issued when copies of first-semester grades from secondary schools are received by the KAA.

Over the past five years, the KAA has awarded 17 scholarships — including three last spring. All three were females, the fourth time in the past five years that happened. In fact, dating back to 2019, all but three of the 17 recipients have been young women.

Only the Class of 2021, which included three males, broke the streak.

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