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HVAS Pays Tribute to Volunteer EMT Samantha Mosk

Submitted by Priyal Patel

(June 9, 2024) — In a world where moments can change in an instant and lives hang in the balance, Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) stand as steadfast guardians of hope and life. We wish to celebrate and honor one of our Volunteer EMTs, Samantha Mosk, who has dedicated the past three years serving Haddam Volunteer Ambulance Service as an EMT.

From the very first day on the job, Samantha Mosk has embodied the essence of what it means to be an EMT: courage, compassion, and an unwavering commitment to saving lives. In these three years, she has not only demonstrated exceptional medical skills but has also shown a profound empathy and understanding for those in her care, often at times when individuals are facing the most challenging moments of their lives.

The journey of an EMT is one of relentless dedication. It involves long hours, unpredictable situations, and the emotional weight of witnessing both the fragility and resilience of human life. Yet, through every challenge, Samantha Mosk has maintained a calm and reassuring presence, providing critical medical care with precision and grace.

Colleagues and patients alike speak highly of Samantha’s professionalism and kindness. Fellow team members recall numerous instances where her quick thinking and expert interventions have made the difference between life and death.

Beyond the technical skills and medical knowledge, it is Samantha’s humanity that truly sets her apart. Whether it’s holding a hand to provide comfort, offering a kind word to alleviate fear, or going the extra mile to ensure a patient’s well-being, Samantha has consistently shown that the heart of an EMT is as crucial as their medical expertise.

As we celebrate this milestone, we also look forward with gratitude and anticipation to the future contributions Samantha will make to healthcare as she aspires to become a surgeon. Her journey of service is far from over, and we are confident that her dedication and passion will continue to touch many more lives.

To Samantha Mosk, we extend our deepest gratitude, appreciation and respect. Your three years of service as a Volunteer EMT at Haddam Volunteer Ambulance Service has not only saved lives but has also uplifted and inspired us all. You are a true hero, and we are profoundly grateful for your dedication, skill and compassion.

Here’s to you, Samantha Mosk, and to many more years of making a difference, one life at a time. Thank you for your exceptional service as a Volunteer EMT to Haddam Volunteer Ambulance Service and to the community.

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