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HKYFS: Call Us! We are Here For You!

Submitted by Laurie Ruderfer.

“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort, where we overlap.” ~Ani DiFranco


Youth and Family Services of Haddam Killingworth (HKYFS) staff want to send out a reminder that we are here for all HK residents, for families, large, small or in between, those with children, those without and those living alone. For those of you who know us, we want to remind you of what we do. And for those who do not, we want you to know that:

  • We are always available to talk, provide guidance, or offer counseling for matters large and small
  • We will work with you to obtain or become familiar with community resources and assist in making those connections and referrals
  • We can provide limited financial assistance to help any individual or family in order to meet their basic needs
  • We work in partnership with the local Resident State Troopers to address concerns regarding families in crisis and with RSD17 schools on a variety of programs

Because of the COVID-19 virus our office is currently closed but someone is in the office each day to answer the phone and each of us are working remotely, every day from nine to five. You can call the office (860.345.7498) and someone will either answer or respond to your call within 24-hours. You can also email us at Office@hkyfs.org to connect during this time and after hours, too. Call if:

  • You need someone to listen, talk to or help–Katy Kennedy, Clinical Director: 860-333-5420
  • Have questions about programs or want info–Laura Shipman, Office Manager: 860.494.2762
  • You need assistance with resources–Laurie Ruderfer, Executive Director: 203.653.8884

Just as you are, we too are working to adjust to a new way of working and of life. We have reluctantly had to cancel our spring events: Pizza Delivery Night in partnership with Da Vinci Pizza, April Drug-Take-Back program with the Resident State Troopers, Family Olympics scheduled at Parmalee Farm in May, and our youths’ participation in a regional youth leadership event scheduled for July. So, we looked for a silver lining and found one. We reached out to several of our grant funders to ask about redirecting some grant dollars to support HK families and organizations supporting families. And just this past Monday we got good news so will be reaching out to partner with both!

At the same time, we are working to develop groups for community members to help connect us to one another and share experiences of life during this time in 2020. So far, based on what you have told us plans include:

  • Support for single parent families
  • A group for teens and a group for parents to discuss college anxieties
  • Questions and answers on school readiness for rising Kindergarteners
  • Uncertain Times: living with worry and stress
  • Wellness activities and education for parents of young children
  • Virtual trivia and other fun games, connections, and distractions

All groups will be free and open to the public with appropriate materials and resources if needed provided at no cost. But for right now we want to know what you want or need during this time. Follow us on Facebook for ideas, suggestions, resources and daily words of inspiration and encouragement. Leave a message. Like a post. We are currently revamping the HKYFS website (www.hkyfs.org) to provide up-to-date announcements on new programs, resources, and ideas for families and individuals to connect and stay connected during challenging times. HKYFS is your youth service bureau. Reach out. Get to know us. Help guide our work during this time. Our virtual door is always open and we are always home and you will always be welcome.

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