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HKMS: Cougar Celebrations May 2022

Submitted by Debra Cumpstone.

On Friday, June 3, 2022, Haddam Killingworth Middle School held their last Town Meeting for the 2021-22 school year where the following students were recognized for the month of May.

Our Cougar Core Value Awards are given to students who exemplify one or more of our Cougar Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance, Kindness, and Perseverance. These Core Values were developed and accepted by Haddam Killingworth Middle School students, parents, faculty, and staff in 2016, and we recognize students each month. We appreciate these students’ commitment to upholding our core values and being role models at HKMS.

Vincent Ackerman         Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Jessaly Araujo               Perseverance
Aidan Averill                 Kindness, Responsibility
Audrey Bailey               Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance Perseverance
Michael Bredefeld         Perseverance, Responsibility, Kindness, Respect
Dylan Brown                Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance
Olivia Casini                 Respect, Perseverance, Responsibility, Kindness
Kellen Cassidy              Respect, Acceptance, Perseverance
Emma Castiglioni          Responsibility, Respect
Alexandra Catalano       Responsibility, Respect
Colin Civiello                Perseverance, Responsibility
Seth Coulombe            Perseverance
Maggie DiNapoli           Kindness, Respect, Perseverance, Responsibility
Alison Dooley               Responsibility, Perseverance
Julia Downing               Respect, Responsibility
Hazel Doyle                  Perseverance, Responsibility
Lawton Duch                Respect, Perseverance
Tristen Edwards             Perseverance, Responsibility
Mason Eighmy               Responsibility, Respect, Kindness
Jamien Evans                Kindness, Respect, Perseverance
Trevor Ferguson            Perseverance, Respect
Lyla Ford                      Perseverance, Responsibility
Meghan Freeman          Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance
Amanda Giliberto          Perseverance, Responsibility
Zachery Goldfarb          Kindness, Respect, Perseverance
Maizie Irons                 Acceptance, Kindness, Respect
Emma Johnson             Responsibility, Respect
Michael Johnson           Perseverance
Payton Kaplowitz          Perseverance, Kindness, Respect
Alex Karber                  Responsibility, Perseverance
Filip Kozdra                  Perseverance, Responsibility
Ashley Kukta                Kindness, Respect, Perseverance
Audrey LaRosa             Responsibility, Perseverance, Acceptance
Aidan Lena                   Perseverance, Respect
Adam Livingston           Perseverance, Responsibility
Benjamin Miconi           Kindness, Perseverance, Responsibility
Cameron Moore            Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Tyler Napierkowski        Responsibility, Respect, Perseverance
Chloe Oboma               Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Alexander O’Rourke      Respect, Kindness, Responsibility, Perseverance
Lucas Packtor               Respect, Perseverance
Bruce Peese                 Perseverance, Responsibility, Kindness, Respect
Taylor Prue                  Perseverance, Kindness, Acceptance
Harrison Reed              Responsibility, Perseverance, Respect
Amelia Riggs               Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Arabella Ripp               Responsibility, Acceptance
Lara Santana               Perseverance, Responsibility
Jeffrey Schull               Perseverance
Elsa Shawtraw             Kindness, Responsibility, Respect, Perseverance
Mackenzie Shea           Perseverance, Responsibility
Andrew Soucie             Kindness
Nicholas Stegman        Responsibility, Perseverance
Riley Stephens            Respect, Responsibility
Eliza Sturges               Kindness, Responsibility, Respect
Sydney Wrinn              Kindness, Respect, Perseverance

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