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HKMS: Cougar Celebrations April 2022

Submitted by Debra Cumpstone, Secretary of School Counseling, HKMS.

On Friday, April 29, 2022, Haddam Killingworth Middle School held their Town Meeting where the following students were recognized for the month of April.

Our Cougar Core Value Awards are given to students who exemplify one or more of our Cougar Core Values: Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance, Kindness, and Perseverance. These Core Values were developed and accepted by Haddam Killingworth Middle School students, parents, faculty and staff in 2016, and we recognize students each month. We appreciate these students’ commitment to upholding our core values and being role models at HKMS.

Chloe Abarientos            Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance, Kindness
Audrey Bailey                Perseverance, Respect
Charlotte Behnke           Responsibility, Perseverance
Jordan Belanger             Responsibility, Perseverance
Max Bergman                 Responsibility, Respect
Paul Birkmeyer                Perseverance, Responsibility
Sophia Carrone               Respect, Responsibility
Logan Cimma                  Respect, Kindness, Perseverance
Stephanie Coleman         Kindness
Riley Crotty                    Perseverance, Responsibility
Kyle Czarkowski              Respect, Kindness, Perseverance
Donato Daniels               Respect, Perseverance, Kindness
Lucas Dias                      Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Cole Dingus                    Kindness, Respect, Perseverance
Alison Dooley                  Perseverance, Kindness, Respect, Responsibility
Becton Duhamel             Respect, Perseverance
Mason Eighmy                Responsibility, Respect
Peyton Esposito              Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Jaden Fazzone                Perseverance, Kindness
Brody Ferguson              Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Mark Fowler                   Perseverance, Responsibility
Joshua Frith                   Respect, Responsibility
Emma Giaccone             Respect, Responsibility
Michael Girgenti             Perseverance
Alexander Goeden         Respect, Perseverance
Jacob Gordon                Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance
Paisley Hardgrove          Kindness, Perseverance
Garrett Jordan               Perseverance
Grey Kennedy                Perseverance
Allison Lamarre              Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility
Luc Lamarre                   Respect, Responsibility
Sophia Langer                 Perseverance, Acceptance, Respect, Responsibility
Olivia LaTorre                 Perseverance, Responsibility
Isabella LaViola              Perseverance
Kody Lehet                    Respect, Kindness, Acceptance
Max Lehet                      Perseverance, Responsibility
Chase Lombardi-Bole      Perseverance, Respect
Margaret Mathews          Perseverance, Respect, Responsibility
Emilia Maziarz                Perseverance, Responsibility, Respect, Kindness, Acceptance
Noah McCarthy              Perseverance, Responsibility
Nola Minickene              Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Cameron Moore             Respect, Kindness, Responsibility
Catherine Nguyen          Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Miles Norko                   Responsibility
Finnegan O’Hanlon        Responsibility, Respect
Riley Patton                  Acceptance, Responsibility
Frieda Petersen              Responsibility, Perseverance, Kindness
Josie Piela                     Respect, Responsibility
Cooper Pierce                Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance
Mackenzie Pierce           Responsibility, Respect
Megan Saraceno            Respect, Responsibility, Acceptance
Spencer Savoy               Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Emilia Schweitzer           Perseverance, Acceptance, Respect, Responsibility
Elsa Shatraw                  Responsibility, Perseverance
Aoife Sidlow                   Responsibility, Respect, Kindness
Noah Soucie                   Perseverance, Responsibility
Olivia Stephens               Respect, Responsibility, Kindness
Wesley Stevens              Respect, Acceptance
Wyatt Voegtli                  Perseverance, Respect, Kindness
Mavric Ziegler                 Respect, Perseverance

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