Saturday, September 30, 2023
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HKHS Announces New Student Internship Program

Submitted by Corey Borzain

(September 1, 2023) — Haddam Killingworth High School has announced a new Student Internship Program and is seeking partners in the business community who can  provide internships for HKHS students.

Area Businesses and Organizations, do you want to:
● Share your knowledge and skills?
● Increase your company’s profile in the community?
● Teach Interns the skills that are crucial in your field?
● Build the skills you wish to see in future employees?
● Positively contribute to a high school student’s growth?
● Benefit by adding a positive new member to your team?

For more information on collaborating with the HKHS Internship Program, contact Dr. Corey Borzain, HKHS Internship Coordinator or 860-554-1324.

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