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HKHS Announces 2022 Academic Awards

Submitted by Donna Hayward.

Art Awards
Excellence in Art Portfolio: Sasha Berardino, Ryan Thompson
Excellence in Advanced Art Projects: Alex Lara, Jessica Timothy
Excellence in Introduction to Studio Art: Ava Harriman, Margaret Robinson
Excellence in Sculpture Studio: Tobin Prue, Alejandra Morales
Excellence in Darkroom Photography: Olivia Wettemann, Jack Ferguson
Outstanding Freshman Artist, Ceramics Studio: Bella Infante
Outstanding Artist in Advanced Ceramics: Ava DiMatteo, Alyssa Bredefeld
Outstanding Freshman Artist Ceramics Studio: Hannah Reilly
Creative Excellence Ceramics Studio: Preston Nelson
Creative Excellence Freshman Ceramics Studio: William Lirot
Excellence in Independent Study Ceramics: Charlotte Selmer
Outstanding Artist Advanced Ceramics Studio: Sydney Cheverier, Grace McKenzie
Excellence in Drawing Studio 1: Elsa Kuehn, Andrew Hedges
Excellence in Drawing Studio 2: Samantha Height, Scarlett Strom
Excellence in Painting Studio 1: Dakotah Maikowski, Olivia Grzep

Music Awards
Exceptional Ensemble Member, Decca: Melissa Manley
All State Choir: Payton Kasperzyk, Julia Thelen, Tori Carlson, Valleri Freibauer, Tyson Glazier, Jacqueline Flaherty, Kira O’Brien, Madeline Keithan-Resnick, Sarah Pierce, Michael Vaughn, Olivia Tucker, Kylie Studzinski, Pooja Badami, Alesyha Brawley, Shylee Emigh
Outstanding Leadership in Swing 14: Shylee Emigh
Exceptional New Talent Concert Choir: Brian Nguyen
School Choral Award: Jacqueline Flaherty
Excellence in Concert Band: Veronica Pypa, Leeha Reddy, Alejandra Morales, Jeffrey Thebeau, Ava Loughlin, Sarah Pierce
Outstanding Freshman in Concert Band: Michael Perry
Excellence in AP Music Theory: Alexander Engler
Excellence in Jazz Band: Olivia Swanson, Kristen Thebeau
John Philip Sousa Award for Outstanding Musicianship in Concert Band: Madeline Keithan-Resnick
Louis Armstrong Jazz Award: Andrew Fleig

English Awards
English 9
John Steinback Award for Excellence: Sofia Campo de la Vera, Keon Thomen
Ernest Hemingway Award: Brielle Maier
Ann Sullivan Award for Excellence: Abby Sirignano
Edith Wharton Award for Excellence: Lauren Heath, Claire Eighmy
English 10
Harper Lee Award for Excellence: Christopher Palmieri, Jaimey DiNapoli
Lorraine Hansberry Award: Tea Norman, Elizabeth Murphy
Williams Shakespeare Award: Jacob McGoey
Aldous Huxley Award for Excellence: Brooke Hickman
English 11
F. Scott Fitzgerald Award: Ryan Botteon, Arianna Panzera, Joshua Colandrea
J.D. Salinger Award for Excellence: Georgia Brown
Arthur Miller Award for Excellence: Johanna Houska
English 12
Tim O’Brien Award, World Literature: Benjamin Williams
Jamaica Kincaid Award, World Literature: Hadley Commerford, Kyla Mazzotta
Neil Postman Award for Excellence in Media Literature: Andrew Conti, Caleb Bump
Poetry Award for Excellence: Libby Riggs
Creative Non-Fiction Award for Creative Writing: Olivia Wettemann

Robert F. Kennedy Award for Speech and Debate: Samuel Young, Olivia Swanson
Martin Charles Scorsese Award for Film: Ryan Thompson
George Orwell Award for Excellence in AP English Language & Composition: Laura Strick, Kristen Thebeau
Toni Morrison Award for Excellence in AP English Literature & Composition: Yumiko Imai
John Milton Award for Excellence in AP English Literature & Composition: Duncan Beauchamp
Emily Dickinson Award—Four Year Excellence: Madeline Keithan-Resnick

Wellness Awards
Outstanding Effort in Physical Education 1: Roman Nappi
Excellence in Physical Education 1: Christopher Frasco, Eduardo Karkutt-Kulak
Sportsmanship Award in Physical Education 1: Todd Butler
Excellence in Health 1: Sonia Luneau, Michael Perry, Keira Sehl-Albert
Excellence in Health 2: Laura Strick, Kristen Thebeau, Johanna Houska
Outstanding Effort in Team Games: Luke Celentano
Sportsmanship Award in Team Games: Callen Powers
Excellence in Team Games: Leah Sosnowski,Bryce O’Linn
Excellence in Lifetime Fitness: Alejandra Morales
Outstanding Effort in Strength & Conditioning: Jayden Fulton
Excellence in Strength & Conditioning: Jesse Fazzone, Madison Moriarty, Bryan Leslie, Scarlett Strom
Excellence in Child Development: Colin Mitchell
Excellence in Infant/Toddler Growth & Development: Ivy McNiel, Brooke Hickman
Excellence in Early Childhood Lab Experience: Hadley Commerford
Excellence in Early Childhood Internship: Madison LaTouche
Excellence in Independent Study Culinary Arts: Walker McCarthy, Justice Mangiagli
Gingerbread Contest Winners: Chloe LaCoss, Juliana Gagliardi, Audrey Wrinn
HK Cupcake War Winners: Vyvyan Laurenza, Jaimey DiNapoli, Carly Rosa

History Awards
Excellence in US History/Civics: Johanna Houska, Ellery Freeman, Kaleigh Bodak
The Alice Paul Award for Participation: Wilhelmina Wurzbach
The Thurgood Marshall Award: Tyler Perry
Excellence in World History 1: Chase Smalley, Sorren Tassmer, Clare Link, Michael Perry
Excellence in World History 2: Brooke Hickman, Jillian LaRosa, Jaimey DiNapoli, Elizabeth Murphy
Excellence in AP US History & Civics: Laura Strick, Adeline Packtor
Excellence in Criminal Justice: Madeline Gordon, Enea Matoshi
Excellence in Psychology: Margaret Singer, Alexis Wettemann
Excellence in AP Psychology: Duncan Beauchamp, Olivia Swanson
Excellence in Introduction to Sociology: Georgia Brown, Julia Thelen
The Norman Borlaug Excellence in AP Human Geography: Samuel Young
The Von Thunen Excellence Award in AP Human Geography: Alyssa Bredefeld

Math Awards
Excellence in Algebra 1: Summer Barton, Bella Infante
Excellence in Algebra 2: Jack Insalaco, Christopher Palmieri, Brody Mitchell, Vaishnavi Yalamanchi
Excellence in Geometry: Christopher Palmieri, Olivia Macaluso, Mathias Schweitzer, Madalyn Seward
Excellence in Personal Finance: Duncan Beauchamp, Grace McKenzie
Excellence in Pre-Calculus: Julia Thelen, Margaret Singer, Kristen Thebeau, Elizabeth Murphy
Excellence in AP Calculus: Duncan Beauchamp, Alexis Wettemann, Benjamin Williams, Alexander Engler
Excellence in Probability and Statistics: Isabella Virgulto, Emily Sorrentino
Excellence in AP Statistics: Caitlyn Lamy, Paige Corcoran

Science Awards
Excellence in Anatomy and Physiology: Hadley Commerford, Alexis Wettemann
Excellence in Integrated Science: Brielle Maier, Larson McLaughlin
Excellence in Biology: Mason Mazzotta, Johanna Thelen, Olivia Macaluso, Michael Perry
Excellence in AP Biology: Elizabeth Murphy, Abigail Jones
Excellence in Chemistry: Owen Staskelunas, Larissa Kauffman, Jack Insalaco, Tea Norman
Excellence in AP Chemistry: Benjamin Williams
Excellence in Forensic Science: Madison Fontanella, Ava Tassmer
Excellence in Physical Science: Kevin Gamache, Ryan Strick, Hayden Smith
Excellence in UConn Environmental Science: Alyssa Bredefeld, Madeline Keithan-Resnick
Excellence in UConn Physics: Andrew Hedges, Catherine Haas

Technology Education & Project Lead the Way Awards
Excellence in Small Engines: Ryan Mucciacciaro, Tea Norman
Excellence in Basic Auto: Aiden Griswold, Trevor Izzo
Excellence in Advanced Automotive: Riley Melnick, Antonio John Grasso
Excellence in Tech Metals 1: Andrew Hedges, Alex Lara
Excellence in Tech Metals 2: Ryan Mucciacciaro, Hayden Smith
Excellence in Woodworking: Sydney Cheverier, Bryce O’Linn
Excellence in Advanced Wood Projects & Construction: Justice Mangiagli, Andrew Conti
Excellence in Graphic Communications 1: Samantha Height, Juliana Girgenti
Excellence in Graphic Communications 2: Wesley Baucom
Excellence in PLTW: Computer Science: Seamus Boots
Excellence in PLTW: Civil Engineering and Architecture: Olivia Swanson
Excellence in Engineering Design & Development: Evan Baird, Trevor Izzo
Excellence in PLTW: Introduction to Engineering: William Stolen, Chase Smalley
Excellence in PLTW: Principles of Engineering: Andrew Conti

TV Studio Awards
Excellence in Video/Digital Communications: Abigail Jones, John Guarino
Excellence in Event Broadcast Production: Shelby Welsch, Michael Broccoli
Excellence in Digital & Media Communications: Charlotte Selmer, Samantha Height

World Language Awards
Excellence in French 3: Abby Sirignano, Clare Link, Olivia Macaluso
Excellence in French 4: Cooper Pitts, Damen Ridgeway, Brooke Hickman, Catharine Therrien
Excellence in UConn: French Language and Culture: Kristen Thebeau
Excellence in Spanish 1: Bella Infante
Outstanding Commitment to Learning Spanish 1: Alexa Johnson
Outstanding Effort in Language Spanish 1: Anthony Garoppolo
Excellence in Spanish 2: Ella Commerford
Excellence in Spanish 3: Brielle Maier
Outstanding Commitment to Spanish 3: Alejandra Hubbard
Excellence in Communication Spanish 3: Sonya Luneau
Excellence in Spanish 3: Michael Perry
Outstanding Intellectual Curiosity Spanish 3: Ava Mazzotta
Outstanding Commitment to Learning: Claire Eighmy
Excellence in Spanish 4: Payton Yazmer
Outstanding Commitment to Learning Spanish 4: Brian Nguyen
Outstanding Effort in Language Spanish 4: Laura Strick
Outstanding Commitment to Learning Spanish 4: Kaleigh Nelligan
Outstanding Effort in Spanish 4: Ivy McNiel
Excellence in UConn Spanish Intermediate Composition: Brooke Lloyd, Paige Corcoran
Excellence in AP Spanish Language: Duncan Beauchamp, Madeline Keithen-Resnick

Special Awards
Gettysburg Book Award—Laura Strick
Brandeis Book Award—Johanna Houska
Harvard Book Award—Abby Jones
RIT Creativity and Innovation Award—Alexander Engler
Clarkson Award—Julia Favalora
Rusell Sage Award—Caroline Conte
Smith Book Award—Kaleigh Bodak
Yale Book Award—Kristen Thebeau
LaSalle Award—Brooklyn Bailey
Hoby Leadership Award: Madison Moriarty, Ava Harriman, Luke Celentano, Abigail Marciniec, Elizabeth Murphy

Carl Anderson Award
Given annually to two graduating athletes of Haddam Killingworth High School who have shown the highest standards both on and off the sports field: Rhianna Phipps & Jared Frith

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