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St. Peter Church Offers Free Book, “Holy Moments”

By Gigi Simko

(March 13, 2023) — According to Marion Enie, a resident of Higganum and parishioner of St. Peter Church, a Holy Moment is an opportunity to build kindness and generosity in our community.

As such, she is spearheading the effort for St. Peter Church to reach out to townspeople at large by offering Matthew Kelly’s book “Holy Moments” with “no strings, no commitments, just a handbook to bring the joy of Holy Moments to everyone.”

Marion met Kelly in 2000, when she lived in Indiana. She has been following him ever since and is impressed with his team at Dynamic Catholic. She was inspired to lead this endeavor by the fact that though the pandemic has subsided, she still sees fewer faces at church on the weekend. However, this outreach project is an effort to reach beyond her church community and invite others to return to a faith community.

Marion poses the following challenge: “Think of the good that can be accomplished individually, as a parish and as a community if we focus on creating Holy Moments. This program is designed to create a movement to solve the world’s problems one kind act at a time. It is simple, practical and powerful.” To obtain your free copy of “Holy Moments,” look for the St. Peter Church outreach team at community events and local hotspots.





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