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Haddam Civic League Offers Scholarship to High School Seniors

Submitted by William R. Bowles

(February 6, 2024) — The Haddam Civic League Scholarship was established in 2015 to recognize students whose high school careers reflect the values of good citizenship, respect and an appreciation of the role communications plays in our society.

The Haddam Civic League is organized and operated for the purpose of collecting and disseminating news and information for the benefit of the citizens of our community through its on-line newspaper and weekly publication Haddam Killingworth News.  The organization is guided by a sense of impartiality, including presentation of opposing views, devoid of conflicts of interest and supported by research.

 Any graduating senior who is a resident of Haddam or Killingworth, a member in good standing of his/her student body, a participant in extra-curricular activities and who has performed community service during his/her high school career is eligible for this scholarship.

In addition, the student must have participated in one aspect of communications activity in high school and have contributed at least one article to the Haddam Killingworth News newspaper.  The scholarship award is for use in the student’s pursuit of secondary education in the field of journalism or communications.

An application for this scholarship is available by contacting the Chairman of the Scholarship Committee, William R. Bowles, Esq., at or 860-345-7910.

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