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H.M.S. Pinafore Sails into Deep River on October 15th and 16th

Submitted by Richard Tecca, Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society

(October 3, 2022) — The Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society will present H.M.S. Pinafore in three performances on Saturday, October 15, and Sunday, October 16, 2022 in the Performing Arts Center at Valley Regional High School in Deep River.

Actors, Artistic Director and Story Line are the prominent subjects when promoting a Gilbert & Sullivan show. Taken for granted is the “Back-Stage Talent” that is a key foundation for it all. To get a feeling for back-stage talent, three people from Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society offered to tell their stories They are the Costumer, the Sound Designer, and an Actor in “Rehearsal Program” mode.

Pat Nurnberger lives in Woodbury. She is a professional costume designer with a degree from the Rhode Island School of Design, and a Master’s Degree in Costume Design from UConn. Initially working in fashion design in New York City, her career shifted to costume design for theatre. In 2015 Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society became one of her first clients, and she has worked with the Society ever since. Costume designs for H.M.S. Pinafore began when she started researching ideas. She discovered watercolor renderings at the Victoria and Albert Museum for one of the original productions of Pinafore. They were so lively and youthful that she was immediately attracted to them for the lead female character, Josephine, and her cousins. She reproduced them as exactly as possible.

Richard Ives is a Mechanical Engineer graduate from Carnegie Mellon and a mechanical design/project/quality engineer by trade. The founder of IDEAS Unlimited, he also provides sound engineer services to schools and community organizations. He lives in Wallingford, and is providing professional audio support for his 23rd production with CG&SS. Ives’s technical approach is very effective. He usually works for the entire production week to learn the show and identify the sources of noise in the theatre. He scans and programs the wireless mics worn by the actors to frequencies that are not affected by radio noise given off by air conditioning units, elevators and other sources.

Natalie Wood lives in Hebron. H.M.S. Pinafore will be her fourth performance in a lead role with the Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society. Her appraisal of Rehearsal Program is the following: “As a performer, taking part in a CTG&SS production is the perfect melting pot of talented actors, musicians, directors and supporting staff.  Rehearsals are upbeat and fun with the right mix of respect of G&S tradition and creative innovation. It’s a privilege and excellent opportunity to immerse oneself in the material and have a rollicking good time while doing it.  When all members- cast and production team alike- tirelessly share their vast experience and zeal for the production, sparks fly and I think the audience will really love the finished production. We look forward to providing you with a wonderful treat!  Please join us!”

Tickets and information regarding current Covid-19 guidelines are available at the website or by calling 860-554-1256.

Photo provided by Connecticut Gilbert & Sullivan Society

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