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Election Day 2023 Results for Haddam

These are unofficial results from the polling stations on the evening of November 7, 2023:

First Selectman

Robert McGarry (R) 1785

Selectman (2 slots)

Peter Baird (D) 1220
Kate Anderson (R) 1543

Tax Collector

Sheri Berger (R) 1740

Board of Finance Full Term (2 slots)

Marijean Conrad (D) 1419
Emily Carrow (D) 1415

Board of Finance Alt. 

Connie Pullman (R) 46

Board of Assessment Appeals

David Beckman (R) 1619

Planning & Zoning (3 slots)

Scott Brookes (D) 1402
Tim Teran (D) 1172
Mike Karam (D) 1180

Larry Maggi (R) 1072
Dan Luisi (R) 1073
Jamin Laurenza (R) 1093

Planning & Zoning Alternate Full Term (1 slot)

Dorothy Gillespie (D) 1063
Alan Chadwick (R) 1263

Zoning Board of Appeals (3 slots)

Sandy Olsen (D) 1352
Ken Wendt (R) 1420
Margo Chase-Wells (R) 1412

Zoning Board of Appeals Alternate (1 slot)

Deb Rutter (D) 1172
Ron Borelli (R) 1156

Board of Education (3 slots)

Heather Pach (D) 1206
Brenda Buzzi (D) 1148
Jennifer Favalora (D Party endorsed) 1069
Jennifer Favalora (R) 1128
Shawna Goldfarb (R) 1188
Sidney Blackmon (R) 1167

Party Endorsed by (the candidate is not necessarily registered in that party): D=Democrat, R=Republican, P=Petitioning Candidate

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