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CSP: Protecting Yourself From Identity Theft

By Connecticut State Police

(December 8, 2023) – This holiday season, the Connecticut State Police want to remind our residents to be cautious of scams and risks for identity theft that increase this time of year.

Here are some tips:

• Never respond to a random text message regarding an incorrect payment or non-delivered package.

• Do not respond to emails regarding any online account that appear to be demanding some kind of immediate action with your password or identity.

• If you have a question regarding a suspicious email, go to the company’s website for customer service numbers or go to a branch/store in-person. Never trust search engine results for customer service numbers.

• No legitimate company or government agency will ever direct you to withdraw money from your bank account, send a wire transfer, or purchase gift cards or cryptocurrency.

• Avoid placing checks in the mail. If you must, send it directly from your local post office. Be cautious of leaving packages at your front door for prolonged periods of time.

• Check for credit card skimming devices at gas stations and try to use pumps closest to the building.

• Be wary scammers taking advantage of your generosity through fake charities.

If you believe you have been the victim of a scam, report it immediately to your local police department or Resident Trooper’s office.

The State Police Cryptocurrency Working Group may be reached at:

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