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Ballot Information for November 2, 2021 Haddam and Killingworth Municipal Elections

Notice from Registrars and Moderators for 11/2/21 Haddam Municipal Election

Click HERE for General Information about the upcoming Haddam Election,

and for Killingworth:

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  November 2, 2021 Municipal Election
Absentee Ballots for the November 2, 2021 municipal election are available in the  Killingworth Town Clerk’s Office. In addition to the traditional reasons to qualify, the State  of CT has determined that the existence of the COVID-19 virus allows you to vote by  absentee ballot if you so choose for your own safety. Simply click on the absentee ballot  link in the Killingworth Town website to print an application and submit completed  applications to the Town Clerk’s Office.

Please call the Town Clerk’s Office at 860-663-1765  x502 for more information.

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BALLOT Information

Municipal Election Ballots are typically long, complex and two sided.  The upcoming Haddam election is no exception.  Here are special items to look out for:

  1. The ballot is two sided.
  2. There are Democrats, Republicans and Petitioning Candidates on the Ballot.
  3. For most offices, you will see the note “Vote for One”.
  4. For some offices, you may notice the instruction “Vote for Up to Two” (or Three or Four).  In these cases, you can vote for none, one or the stated limit.  Any more and your ballot will be rejected as an overvote.  Read the display screen on the tabulator for the specific reason.  You have two choices:  a) Ask the tab tender or moderator for a new ballot.  We will collect the “spoiled ballot” and place it in a special envelope for proper disposal;  or b) the other choice is to ask the moderator to place the overvoted ballot in the auxiliary bin on the left side of the tabulator.  After the close of the polls, ONLY properly voted offices will be hand counted by the election officials.

Here are the two sides of the Haddam ballot for this election:

Click to access Ballot-November-2-2021-Side-1.pdf

Click to access Ballot-November-2-2021-Side-2.pdf

Or …

HERE for Haddam Side 1

HERE for Haddam Side 2

Or … HERE for Registrar’s Page on Haddam Town website

and the Killingworth ballot is HERE.

Don’t forget to VOTE !



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