Editorial Policy

Editorial Policy
We welcome Letters to the editors.

Editorial Policy for HK-Now.com

1) Only two editors will be eligible to post items; that gives us coverage when one is unavailable and avoids chaos.
2) Anything political or controversial shall be reviewed by members of at least two different political parties before it is posted.
3) We will not take sides in a story — unless it’s an Opinion (editorial) piece. Even in that event, we will strive to put forth a “point-counter point” piece where possible. In particular, we shall not endorse candidates in elections or issues in referenda.
4) We will attempt to get both (or more, as appropriate) sides of anything potentially controversial.
5) We will avoid “he said”, “she said” items
6) Letters to the Editor should have a word limit of approximately 250 words. We shall not publish anything in a letter, which is offensive to an individual, organization or religion.
7) Op-ed pieces will be limited to about 500 words.
8) We shall not use quotes without attribution.
9) We will always be as accurate and objective as possible.
10) Comments from viewers will be allowed; they can be posted on social media sites without review or published on HK-Now only if the writer identifies him/herself (no aliases) AND the item is reviewed by the editorial staff to maintain a standard of decorum.

Updated 8/30/20

– The word count limit for the print edition is 450 words (letters on our website — HK-Now.com — can be longer, and LTEs that are in print can refer to a longer letter online; so for instance if you did a synopsis of a letter for print, then you could say at the end, “for more details, please see the full letter on HK-Now.com.”
– We cannot publish all of the material submitted to us and our selection is not a reflection on the content or quality of the material that we receive.
– Letters that are submitted are subject to the Terms of Use: You cannot submit any materials were are unlawful, threatening, defamatory, harassing, abusive, disruptive, profane, or plagiarized, or are false or misleading as statement of fact or origin, or violates the rights of any third party in any manner.