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Summary of December 2022 Board of Education Meeting

Submitted by Jennifer Favalora, Vice Chair, RSD 17 Board of Education

(January 20, 2023) — The following is a summary of the December 2022 meeting of the Regional School District 17 Board of Education:

Cougar Pride
Principal Whidden of Burr Elementary School introduced a group of third grade students who shared a report about the BES PAWS for Mindfulness Day event. The students discussed what they learned through the event and the most meaningful parts of the experience. Students also had the opportunity to share their favorite parts of the day and answer questions from the Board. Principal Whidden also shared a video presentation of the event with the Board.

Student Representatives
Callen Powers reported on the HKHS Names Can Really Hurt assembly and that students will continue to work on the action plans that were created during the day. He also reported on the status of the Senior portfolios and the chorus and the band concerts that were held in December. The A Team launched and held its first meeting of the year and discussed
topics such as student life. Callen also shared information about the upcoming annual HKHS Holiday show that was planned for December 23rd but postponed to January 3rd.
All proceeds this year are going to the Webster family.

Food Services
Superintendent Wihbey reported that the Free Meals lunch program will be ending as of December 31, 2022.

Talent, Accountability, & Human Resources
The PDEC Professional Learning Subcommittee met on November 2nd and teachers and administrators discussed the purpose of the committee and ways to gather teacher input on professional learning needs. A smaller subset of this committee will work together to create a survey and bring this back to the full group in the future.

HKHS received a federal Perkins grant in the amount of $16,952.00 to be used for three purposes:
● Multimeters – an instrument designed to measure electric current, voltage, and resistance
● Snap-On toolbox for CTE classrooms
● 5 field trips to STEM and Manufacturing facilities such as Centerbrook Architects, Wepco Plastics, Pratt and Whitney, GKN Aerospace Services, and the Lee Company
● HKHS was thrilled to report that 29 choir members and 8 band students made the Southern Region Musical Festival. This was the first in-person audition since 2019 and 100% of the HK choir students were accepted and the band acceptance rate doubled.
HKIS held a successful performance of the musical, A Year With Frog and Toad.
HKMS brought back the tradition of the Turkey Trot, which is a Thanksgiving 1.3 mile walk/run through Haddam.
BES first and second graders were able to take their first ever field trip – to attend A Year With Frog and Toad at HKIS.
KES has implemented the Buddy System, through which all students are matched in an older/younger pairing with another student. This is a way for the younger students to build confidence and the older students to take on a mentoring role.
Grade 8 Washington DC Trip
Superintendent Wihbey presented the return of the traditional HKMS 8th Grade Washington DC trip for April 2023 to the Board for consideration, which the Board unanimously approved.

HKHS Principal Hayward and Assistant Principal Apicella presented a summary of the Decennial NEASC Visit April 2022. Most recommendations have been woven into the Continuous Improvement Plan, with the remaining items slated to begin in the coming years. Mandatory follow-up reports are required by the Commission, with the first report due in October 2023.

The 2022-2027 Strategic Plan, District Core Values and District Vision can be found on the District Website under “District.”

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