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Statement from Middlesex Chamber President McHugh on Recent Events

Submitted by Sierra Lopez.

(June 2, 2020) — Larry McHugh, President of Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, announced today that the chamber’s Executive Committee unanimously voted to send a statement on the recent events occurring throughout our nation.

The Middlesex Chamber stands with the country in condemning the events surrounding the death of George Floyd and extends our sympathy to his family and to the grieving nation.

The Chamber has had a long record of being a steadfast leader and embraces inclusivity in every aspect of business, life and community.  Racism occurs in many forms and should not be tolerated.  We need to stand up together, work together, talk together to unite each other as brothers and sisters no matter what a person’s race or gender or profession.

At the same time, we condemn the violence and destruction that has marred the message of the protesters and damaged many businesses and communities.

We acknowledge that this is a sensitive and volatile situation and commit that as business leaders we will honor our longstanding values and urge that everyone continue to focus on being respectful and working together peacefully through these challenging times to keep our communities safe for everyone.

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