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State Bond Commission Approves $760,000 in Grants for Higganum Projects

Submitted by State Sen. Norm Needleman and State Rep. Christine Palm

(July 29, 2022) — State Senator Norm Needleman and State Representative Christine Palm have announced that Haddam will receive approximately $760,000 in grant funding from the State Bond Commission, with approval on July 29, 2022 of two projects in Higganum, the entranceway to the town of Haddam.

“I’m grateful to Governor Lamont and the State Bond Commission for their support of our local community,” Needleman said. “Together, these two projects will significantly enhance the recreational and natural resources of the town.”

Palm secured a total of $480,000 to create an inter-generational playground, with pickle ball court, and replace much of the roof on the former Haddam Elementary School, which the Town of Haddam plans to use as a community center.

“For far too long, Higganum has suffered from a lack of recreational opportunities for both families with young children, and seniors who are looking to stay active,” Palm said. “This plan, which the community overwhelmingly approves of, will go a long way in helping to revitalize this key area of town. This project is an example of government cooperation at its best — community engagement, municipal leadership, and the Legislative and Executive branches all coming together for the good of the local residents.”

Sen. Needleman secured $280,000 for the creation of Higganum Cove Park. The Cove, which was the site of various mills dating as far back as the 1670s and as recently as the 1980s, has been remediated for contamination.

“These state funds for Haddam will bring much-needed infrastructure improvement to the town, including for upgrades to the former HES and the creation of a park.” Said Gov. Ned Lamont, who serves as chairman of the State Bond Commission. “I am glad that we can release this funding so that these projects can move forward.”

According to Haddam First Selectman Bob McGarry, “These two projects are major steps toward realizing the vision our community set for Higganum Center. The funds will allow people of all ages to enjoy recreational activities at the Haddam Elementary School, explore the remains of the historic mills dating back to the town’s founding and to take in the natural beauty and serenity of Higganum Cove and surrounding area. My thanks to Governor Lamont, the State Bond Commission and especially Senator Needleman and Representative Palm for their support.”

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