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RSD #17 BOE Receives Proposal for HES

Submitted by Joanne Nesti, Chairman BOE.

The Regional School District 17 Board of Education has received a proposal for the future use of Haddam Elementary School from Rak Realty of Middletown. The proposal can be found in its entirety on the District website, The Board first released a Request for Proposals on November 1, 2018, with a closing date of February 6, 2019. The Board wishes to express its gratitude to all those who evaluated the RFP and toured the building and grounds. The next step for the Board will be to develop a process for reviewing the proposal. There is a great deal of analysis ahead and it is important to note that no decision of any kind has been made on any aspect of the document. The review will examine the extent of improvements and seek guidance and consultation with various Haddam and Killingworth agencies and commissions.

In addition, planning and implementation continue on both the Intermediate School and the K-3 Primary Schools. Superintendent Howard Thiery and Assistant Superintendent Holly Hageman have continued to work with planning committees for both schools to map out all educational aspects of the restructuring plan. Further details will follow in a Community Update in early March.


  1. Why is Haddam not only giving up the property for lower than value, but the residents are going to be taxed because the town is agreeing to pay for the sewers for this developer?

    How do we bring this to a town referendum?

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