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Rep. Haines Appointed Ranking Member of Higher Education Committee

Submitted by James J. McGill, House Republican Office.

Dec. 7, 2020 – HARTFORD – On Friday, State Representative Irene Haines (R-34) was appointed Ranking Member of the General Assembly’s Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee by House Republican Leader-elect State Representative Vincent Candelora (R-86). A Ranking Member serves as the leader of the minority party in committee meetings and works with the Committee Leadership to bring forward legislation.

“I am excited to take on a leadership role in the Higher Education Committee,” said Rep. Haines. “A skilled workforce is the key to rebuilding our economy after the pandemic. This committee plays an important role not just in overseeing our state’s colleges and universities, but also our job training and apprenticeship programs.”

“Irene has proven herself a quick study in her time as a freshman legislator. I am proud to appoint her to a role in leadership at the Capitol and to a committee that will hear loudly about the impacts of COVID. It is not secret that our colleges and universities are struggling, and Irene is a good listener with pragmatic solutions and ideas. As the mother of two recent college students, she knows full well the turmoil our young adults are facing in this new paradigm. But she also knows that simply giving more taxpayer money to institutions without contemplating the short- and long-term impacts on our students must be considered. I am confident she has the ability and temperament to weigh the debate with all seriousness and empathy that is required, along with the additional stresses that these institutions face during these times,” Rep. Candelora said.

The Higher Education and Employment Advancement Committee oversees the Board of Regents for Higher Education and the Office of Higher Education. In addition, the committee has cognizance over matters related to public and private institutions of higher education, occupational schools, post-secondary education, job training and apprenticeship programs.

Rep. Haines was first elected in 2018 and is now entering her second term. Previously she served on the Education Committee, Planning and Development Committee, and Transportation Committee.

Irene Haines is the State Representative for East Haddam, East Hampton, and Colchester.

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