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Recycle Your Backpack!

Submitted by Melissa Oddo.

(June 3, 2019) — Sustainable CT is a voluntary certification program to recognize environmentally conscious Connecticut municipalities. Sustainable CT also provides opportunities for grant funding to help communities promote economic well-being and enhance equity, all while respecting the finite capacity of the natural environment. The program focuses on projects from solar to open space initiatives, to compost and recycling and everything in between. The town of Haddam has been working on many Sustainable CT goals throughout the year. One of the ways we look to impact our towns footprint is through education and collection of recyclable textiles. Did you know that backpacks are also considered a textile and can be recycled?! No matter what the condition- ripped, stained, broken zippers- it can be recycled. We will be placing boxes in each of the schools where kids can drop their bags at the end of the year. Boxes will be picked up after the last day of school on June 11, 2019. Anyone wishing to recycle a bag after that date can drop it at Haddam Town Hall.

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