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Real Estate Transactions July 2021

From Hartford Courant


Property on Pokorny Rd., R. E. Mayo Est. and J. R. Mayo to K. E. Jones, 7/2, $362,500

1 Candlewood Hill Rd., P. and J. Huntington to 3 Candlewood Hill LLC, 7/6, $190,000

132 W. Shore Dr., D. Capello to B. and G. Reynolds, 7/6, $285,000

874 Killingworth Rd., E. C. and A. E. Marshall to I. and J. C. Ferber, 7/6, $504,000

159 Turkey Hill Rd., W. Naclachlan Est. and J. A. Keyes to F. and M. T. Grazioso IRT and F. Grazioso, 7/6, $11,567

26 S. Side Blf, P. A. Maneggia to R. Alsop and D. J. Roberto, 7/7, $360,000

66 Ranger Rd., R. K. Sturk Jr. and S. M. Piedmont to J. H. and E. L. Kyle, 7/8, $352,500

171 W. Shore Dr., S. G. and S. T. Gyllensten to A. and B. Majidi, 7/9, $300,500

986 Killingworth Rd., M. J. and A. W. Zanelli to Northeastern Partners 3, 7/19, $575,000

449 Candlewood Hill Rd., A. A. and J. M. Hunt to T. J. Nilsson, 7/20, $300,000

1192 Killingworth Rd., P. A. Burkle to J. Kelsey, 7/20, $259,000

415 Killingworth Rd. #4, G. N. Grippo to Kingdom Fincl. Prop. LLC, 7/23, $100,000

415 Killingworth Rd. #5, G. N. Grippo to Kingdom Fincl. Prop. LLC, 7/23, $100,000


22 Surrey Ridge Rd., D. C. and D. J. Racenet to J. C. and H. Leblanc, 7/6, $850,000

347 Route 148, R. and R. Jensen to S. and P. Ackley, 7/14, $690,000

211 N. Parker Hill Rd., R. R. Croce to Nparkerhill LLC, 7/15, $535,000

83 Buell Hill Rd., R. and D. Paolucci to M. E. and J. R. Infante, 7/16, $785,000

19 Beckwith Rdg., Middlesex Dev. Co. LLC to J. and C. L. Fraser, 7/21, $160,000

74 Chittenden Rd., Rock Anthony B. Est. and S. M. Allison to Q. Lin, 7/23, $140,888

62 Blueberry Hill Reserve, M. Dabkowswki to M. T. Oneill and R. Chastant-Oneill; 7/30; $625,000

107 Roast Meat Hill Rd., A. C. and A. M. Catarino to O. Grechukhina and S. Popkhadze, 7/30, $550,000


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