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Real Estate Transactions for October 2021

Real Estate Transactions October 2021


150 Old Chester Rd., M. Virginia L Est. and D. E. Perreault to H. D. Hastings and K. Manthey, 10/1/21, $120,000

26 Little City Rd., J. Vogt and K. Atkinson to M. H. Downey, 10/20/21, $525,000

75 Little Meadow Rd., D. F. Champ and T. Champ-Luddecke to GV Residential LLC, 10/21/21, $75,000

76 Little Meadow Rd., D. P. Champ Est. and P. U. Champ to GV Residential LLC, 10/21/21, $385,000

112 Quarry Hill Rd., A. Deleo to S. Mischel, 10/20/21, $385,000

130 Mctigh Rd., G. and P. Wille to K. M. and C. M. Roth, 10/22/21, $419,000

10 Newberry St., Hunter Build LLC and R. L. Rogers, Jr. to T. J. Schaefer, Jr. and K. A. Schaefer, 10/26, $511,118

24 Haddam View Hts., LT M. J. A. and M. J. Kuchyt to D. Montgomery, 10/26, $135,000

1721 Saybrook Rd., Serendipitous Hldg. LLC to M. Terravet, 10/26, $619,508


77 Cow Pen Hill Rd., F. Abrahamsson to K. P. and F. D. Walsh, 10/1/21, $782,000

11 Grouse Ct., T. P. Mickelson to C. Bova and C. Benedetto, 10/18/21, $500,000

139 Roast Meat Hill Rd., Somers Pope M A Est. and C. Pope to MJM Self Storage of Clint, 10/18/21, $255,000

611 Route 148, K. Berchtold Est. and K. Lewis to Sixeleven LLC, 10/20/21, $265,000

18 Birch Mill Rd., W. L. and Y. Mcrae to N. Javor-Watson, 10/26/21, $1,300,000

28 Kelseytown Rd., K. A. Gordon to B. S. Klatzko and K. Conway, 10/26/21, $414,900

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