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Haddam Troopers: Drive Safe & Drive Sober Enforcement

Submitted by Troopers DeAngelo & Stanger.

(December 23, 2020) — During this Holiday season as we wrap up a challenging 2020, your Haddam Resident State Troopers want to take a moment to remind motorists to drive safe and drive sober.  Troopers will be focusing on enforcement of motor vehicle laws in order to encourage safe travels on our local and state roads this holiday season.  This includes, but is not limited to: DUI enforcement, Speeding, Distracted Driving (*Cell Phones), Obeying Stop Signs/Traffic Control Lights, and Following too closely (“Tailgating”); to name a few.   Of course, we realize that no one wants to see flashing red/blue lights in their rearview mirrors.  Our initiatives are intended to ultimately decrease motor vehicle accidents and the property damage and/or injuries that often come with them.

In the Town of Haddam, the following areas will be focused on specifically: Little City Road at Gunger Hill Road (Stop Signs), Saybrook Road, Killingworth Road, and Bridge Road.

Again, we realize that the holiday season can be a hectic time for many.  The season paired with an overall chaotic 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic has created unprecedented challenges for all of us.  Our goal is to ensure the safety to all whom, at some point, will likely find themselves traveling about the state during the holiday season.   Please, never drink and drive, watch your speed, and avoid distractions.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a safe and healthy 2021.

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