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Prescription Drug Delivery Robot Comes to Higganum Pharmacy

By Greg McKenna, R. Ph., Higganum Pharmacy

Have you been in the position where you do not know if you took your medication today, and you get to thinking, did you remember the other day as well? Do you feel like your blood pressure or blood glucose is creeping up, and your 30-day supply of medication, is seeming to last a couple of months? Maybe it is not you, but does Mom &/or Dad seem more confused than normal? Has the process of handling their prescriptions become more cumbersome? Have you run out of time to do your normal activities at home, but still have to make time to get to Mom’s to fill her medication tray for the week? Either way – why don’t you let technology work for you?

Or, maybe you would like to have the convenience of picking up all your medications for the month, at one time, in an easy-to-use pack? By the way, we can have any inhaler, insulin or cream ready at the same time, maybe along with your favorite toothpaste, shampoo, or moisturizer – one stop shopping! Spend your time on something else!

Higganum Pharmacy, has invested in the cutting-edge technology to provide our clients with the state-of-the-art robotic-filled multiple medication delivery system. This means to you that we dispense all of your medications including prescription, vitamin, and over-the-counter products in four easy-to-use cards, each containing a seven-day supply. Each card is designed to dispense medications up to four separate times of the day (Morning, Noon, Evening, and Bedtime) if necessary, in a convenient, easy-to-open bubble pack. Each card is designed with serrated partitions between each bubble for your convenience. This allows the client to take just one dose or any multiple of doses if going away for a few hours or any length of days. Additionally, each bubble is color coded to provide a visual cue for when to take the medications. These cards are even TSA approved to put in your suitcase or briefcase for vacation or business trip.

The first major benefit happens right at the start! Higganum Pharmacy begins by taking all of your prescriptions, even if you had them at some other pharmacy, and coordinates the flow of information between all your doctors, ensuring that your General Practitioner and all the specialists all have the same information — right drug, right strength, and right directions, and our pharmacists then verify that there are the least amount of potential interactions. This takes time and is a tremendous safety step!

The next benefit is Higganum Pharmacy works to help you manage your refills, because timing is important to everyone: you, your doctors, and us. We work to help you manage your refills, alerting you of the need to see your doctor if the physician needs a follow-up.

You will receive your medication cards in a convenient plastic shopping tote bag. You also receive a customized medication sheet free of charge, listing all of the medication information that you might require for a doctor visit, or just to keep on the refrigerator door in case of emergency. The sheet does the talking for you when you might not be able to. It lists all the medications, vitamins, and over-the-counter medications you use with the proper dosages and administration, along with a current list of allergies that you provide us with.

What is the cost? We provide four weekly cards per month for the cost of your copays charged by your insurance company. Then if a dose changes in one of the medications during the month, Higganum Pharmacy will make the change for the cost of the copay plus $1.25 per card that we would have to change.

Where is this available to you? Anywhere you want it to go! Shipping and Handling of $3.95 outside of Middlesex County, Connecticut.

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