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Positive COVID Cases Impact KES, HKIS, HKMS and Quarantines Rise

Editorial Staff.

According to an email sent out on Nov. 10, 2020, by Holly Hageman, Superintendent of Schools for Regional School District #17, “The last couple of days have been rather busy relative to a small number of positive cases for individuals in our schools.”

Killingworth Elementary School, Haddam-Killingworth Intermediate School and Haddam-Killingworth Middle School were all impacted. Contact tracing was completed and individuals who needed to quarantine for 14 days were contacted.

At KES, 6 staff members, first grade students, plus three additional students in other grades were told to quarantine after one positive case at KES.

At HKIS & HKMS one positive case affected both schools. Close contacts included two cohorts of students at HKIS and 10 cohorts of students at HKMS, plus 12 staff members between the two schools.

“It is critically important to our effort to keep schools operating in-person that all students and staff do whatever is possible to reduce social exposure, self-monitor for symptoms (including taking temperature at home before coming to school), and to stay home if symptomatic,” said Superintendent Hageman in the communication to family members. “I applaud our staff for continuing to serve students to the best of our capacity despite the circumstances, and I thank parents for their adaptability, recognizing how complicated this is.”

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