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Poet Laureate for Haddam to be Selected

Submitted by Robbie Marshall, Brainerd Memorial Library.

(Sept. 18, 2020) — The Brainerd Memorial Library is beginning a search process for the appointment of a Poet Laureate of Haddam. Once selected the Poet Laureate will serve in an honorary position as the ambassador of the community’s vibrant literary life, promoting its literary community and celebrating the written word.

Nominees must be a poet, over 18 years old, a Haddam resident, and available to develop and present poetry-related activities and appear at public events. The Poet Laureate will be selected by a committee made up of community representatives and will need to have a breadth of experiences in poetry, a comfort level in public speaking, and achievements of distinction.

Information on the program and applications can be found on the Library’s web site or can be picked up at the Library by prior arrangement through email at

The deadline for applications is October 30, 2020. The Poet Laureate will be appointed to a two-year term, starting on January 1, 2021.

Although the position is unpaid, the Haddam Poet Laureate position is endorsed by the Town of Haddam and will be assisted by the Brainerd Memorial Library in the coordination of scheduling of events.

“Brainerd Memorial Library is pleased to support the Town of Haddam in creating the position of Poet Laureate.  Under the leadership of Library Trustee Kent Jarrell, a team of community members has created guidelines for the selection of Haddam’s first Poet Laureate.  Upon request this poet will speak at various local events and will add to the cultural richness of our lives here in Haddam,” said Marijean Conrad, President of the Library Board of Trustees

Haddam’s Poet Laureate would join more than two dozen poets serving in similar positions in other Connecticut communities.

“Too often we forget, living our busy lives, that poetry originates in the need to be with others more deeply–to relax, tell stories, sing songs, talk about our lives and to hear about the lives of others, “said Margaret Gibson, State of Connecticut Poet Laureate. “Poetry embraces all of those activities.  Poems may be read in solitude or in the company of others; a poem can kick off a discussion, often deepening the way we talk with each other.  Poems mirror our lives; they speak our truths.  As State of Connecticut Poet Laureate, I am happy to think that Haddam is preparing to enrich the lives of its residents by appointing a Town Poet Laureate. “

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