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Natural Healing: Reiki

This is a new series focused on natural healing by Cindy MacNeil Sola, owner of Spirit and Balance, LLC, located in Higganum, CT.

By Cindy MacNeil Sola.

(Nov. 16, 2020) — COVID has brought about many changes in the ways we live our daily lives and has altered routines. We all feel social isolation at different levels, along with financial pressures and questioning our future. We have emotional pain, stress, anger and regret.  We hear misinformation and are so concerned we will get sick. If we do get sick, we wonder how sick. This causes so much anxiety, stress, fear and loneliness.

We all have to focus on self care. We are composed of bones, tissue, organs, and an energy system that supports our well being. The energy system is like a stream that carries energy through our bodies to balance the body and to help the systems within it to function correctly. When that energy system is blocked or interrupted, we feel tired, stressed, and doubtful. We can’t focus. We get insomnia. We feel depressed and may even get sick. This all blocks the body’s natural ability to heal and repair itself.

Reiki creates deep relaxation that promotes health and healing. Reiki healing repairs energy and balance by relieving emotional effects of unreleased stress. It opens the Chakras (energy centers) and clears the energy blocks. It repairs inflammation, removes toxins and impurities, strengthens the immune system, and restores balance and health. It helps you feel a sense of peace–relaxed, clear, focused, energized, less stressful and less confused.

I’m a healer and a Reiki Master Teacher. I have taken all levels of the Usui Shiki Ryoho technique. As long as Reiki has been around, people still ask me what is it and how it works.

Reiki is a natural Japanese technique for stress reduction, relaxation, and healing. It is used in and supported at all our hospitals, within the medical community, and by hypnotherapists. It will accelerate healing before and after surgery. During cancer treatments, Reiki is used in conjunction with medical treatment and medication to cleanse toxins from the body and balance the flow of energy by clearing and releasing blockages.

How is Reiki given?

I have a COVID protocol that of I go over with my clients. I ask them to enter the office wearing a mask, to use hand sanitizer, and to have their temperatures taken with a touchless thermometer. If they have no history of being around anyone sick and haven’t been out of state, we then go into the treatment room. There we will chat a little bit about their concerns before proceeding to the Reiki table. Then, they lie on their backs (my table will rise if there is a back issue) fully clothed. I’ll check their Chakras to determine which ones are open and closed. Then I’ll proceed with hands off energy healing. (I do touch their, shoulders, their heads, and their feet.)

The feeling of a Reiki session is relaxing and light. Some clients fall asleep. When the session is done, you walk out feeling like a different person from the one who walked in. It’s amazing.

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