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Melissa Ziobron Speaks out in a Letter to the Editor

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Letter to the Editor

submitted by Melissa Ziobron, 9/15/18

There is a single overarching issue in the upcoming election this November: the fiscal cliff. Connecticut taxpayers are looking at a $4.6 billion dollar deficit in the upcoming biennial budget. To date, my campaign has knocked on over 7,000 doors, and we hear the struggles people are contending with every day. While I have been talking with concerned voters all over the district for months and years about the deep and troubling fiscal issues facing our state, my opponent is rolling out a shopworn, identity-politics smear campaign. As I wrote this, the Needleman campaign dropped $90,000 into the race with a massive TV ad buy. This amount by itself nearly eclipses the entirety of my campaign, which unlike my opponent, abides by the restrictions established in the Citizens Election Program.

During my three terms in the State House, I have been consistently on record calling attention to the problems with our budget. My constituents have come to rely on me to lead on the issues that affect them. Unfortunately, my friends on the other side of the aisle have a history of leaving the critical budget vote to the last hours of session, most years rarely producing a balanced budget proposal until weeks after regular session is over.

During the 2017 session, updated revenue consensus data was released showing the state budget as being hundreds of millions more dollars in debt than originally estimated. On the very same day this information was released, the legislature’s majority chose to debate lactation consultants rather than crafting an updated, balanced budget. That year the budget was settled five months late, causing turmoil in every community across the state. In the 2016 session, when the Democrat majority recently pushed for changes to sexual assault policies and penalties — something I would ordinarily support —they were simultaneously cutting funding in the state budget for rape crisis centers and domestic violence shelters. In my vote on HB 5376, I felt compelled to stand up and speak out to highlight their hypocrisy. What good are such policies without the resources to help the victims?

If elected as your State Senator, I can state confidently that I will be ready to walk into the Capitol on Day One as someone who understands the committee process and how the current (albeit flawed) budget process works. Trust when I say that I would love nothing more than an opportunity to return to working in bipartisan good faith on our budget. My citations here are just a few examples of why I feel we need to have a Republican majority in the Senate; parity in representation is the ideal of good governance. Parties aside, among voters, our fiscal crisis is the top issue. I should know, I have been listening.

You can follow my campaign at facebook.com/ctsenate33 , or on the web at melissaziobron.com. I’m also on Twitter at twitter.com/MelissaZiobron and Instagram at instagram.com/melissaziobron/ .

Melissa Ziobron
Candidate for State Senate or the 33rd District
East Haddam, Connecticut


  1. As a property owner in two of the towns in the district, Essex and Moodus I have come to appreciate Melissa’s hard work. Make no mistake, Melissa is one of the best candidates to come along in many years. She has our best interests in mind. While Melissa campaigns day in and day out her opponent looks to buy the election for his wealthy Essex elites. Don’t settle for a rich “hobby” politician vote for Melissa who is as hard working as you and I.

  2. CT needs a sound mind and voice such as yours. Your hard work as representative is unmatched thus the upcoming election will undoubtedly belong to you.

  3. Thank you Melissa for all that you have been doing for CT. I recognize good character when I see it, and you are solid as a rock!

    I worked on a show for Ivoryton Playhouse where Norm Needleman serves as Treasurer, and I saw how Interns there are only paid $100 a week for more than 40 hours of work. On his blog, and Facebook page Mr. Needleman claims he wants to see the minimum the wage raised to over $15.00 in CT yet in reality the theater where he has a key role, pays about $2.50 and hour. I questioned him about this and he has yet to reply. I suspect he is full of empty promises.

    I look forward to calling you “Senator” soon! Keep up the good work!

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