Wednesday, September 28, 2022
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Looking for Crazy Kid’s Quotes

By Sharon Challenger.

Children seem to have a million questions for the adults in their lives, and sometimes they surprise us with their curiosity. I am sure every single parent, grandparent, teacher or sibling has a story to tell about something funny a little one either said or a question they may have asked that made people roll with laughter. We look forward to hearing from our readers about the Crazy Kid’s Quotes your little ones have surprised you with. Send us your quote at

To get everyone thinking, here are some examples:

One day my little 5-year-old asked me, “Mom, who is Richard Stands?

I did not know a Richard Stands, so I asked: “Richard Stands?”

To which he replied: “You know, “I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for Richard Stands…”


While I was cooking dinner one night, my 6-year-old asked a question out of the blue, “Mom, what happens at dog races?”

I tried to explain as simply as possible, “It’s a game, where people place money on a dog, and if that dog wins the race, they get the money.”

A moment or two passed, when suddenly he asked, “doesn’t it fall off?’

I was confused and asked, “Does what fall off?

He replied, “the money, when the dog runs around, doesn’t the money fall off?”

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