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Local International Award-Winning Author Launches New Children’s Book at HKMS Crafts Fair

Submitted by Connie Bombaci.

KILLINGWORTH, Conn. – In her newest book, “Hogan’s Hope: Discovering Fun and Favorite Things” (published by PTL Publishing), author Connie Bombaci brings her multi-award-winning book, Hogan’s Hope, to children of all ages. Bombaci continues to share the story of her deaf Dalmatian named Hogan, who teaches children that achieving success is possible no matter the circumstance and that being different makes a person special. Its message: everyone is worthy of real love and genuine acceptance, and life can be filled with eternal hope.Because of community support, Bombaci decided to launch her latest book at the local and well-known Haddam-Killingworth Middle School’s Craft Fair (HKMS). “Killingworth is a delightful, unique, and beautifully-spirited town where folks come together to serve and benefit one another. I want to remain a part of this warm and welcoming association, and giving back one’s talents is an important part of working together. If I can draw more folks to this amazing event organized by truly dedicated volunteers and parents, then I want to do anything I can to help.” The fair is December 4, 2021, from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at HKMS on route 81 in Killingworth.“Like so many of us who have differences or challenges of some sort, deaf dogs are often misunderstood, even mistreated, or rejected,” says Bombaci. “Hogan’s story provides the hope of a joy-filled life for children despite any of these differences. Most importantly, his courage to overcome challenges and prejudice continues to give inspiration to anyone, human or pet, that accomplishment, success, and genuine love are truly possible.”

Bombaci’s children’s books result from the recognition of the adult books Hogan’s Hope: A Deaf Hero’s Inspirational Quest for Love and Acceptance (secular) and Hogan’s Hope: A Deaf Dog, A Christian’s Faith, A Courageous Journey (Christian). Readers appealed for Bombaci to offer Hogan’s message of hope to children.——–About the AuthorConnie Bombaci grew up in a suburban neighborhood outside of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and now lives in Killingworth, Connecticut, with her husband, Jim, and their rescued deaf pup, Elsie, in the rustic, puppy-friendly home that Jim built on their five-acre “piece of Heaven.” A retired educator, Bombaci is an optimist whose faith guides her to believe in the extreme goodness and immeasurable importance of all God’s creations.  Her desire for others to sincerely believe in their value led her to become an educator. She worked fervently to increase young people’s confidence and belief in themselves no matter their challenges.  She offers hope where frustration and failure seem inevitable.  In her book, Bombaci shares the story of her first deaf pup, Hogan, and the message that hope is real and found in the kind and generous hearts of gracious people. In addition, Bombaci continues her cause and readily makes herself available for interviews, appearances, and presentations. More information is offered at

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