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Lettter to the Editor: In Support of Niralee Patel-Lye & Graig Judge

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper.

(Oct. 22, 2019) — Niralee Patel-Lye is a  Board of Education candidate who has over 12 years of experience in public education in Connecticut. Her research focuses on transforming educational programs that meet student needs and on strategies to develop educational leadership in schools. Her research centers on providing students with equitable access to educational programs in order to prepare them for their post-secondary choices. In addition to her dissertation, she has presented research at multiple regional and national conferences and continues to work on new research. In addition to her many years as an educator in Connecticut public schools, she has firsthand knowledge of working and leading in a regional high school. As department chair, and de facto curriculum director for the district, she led a team of teachers from not only her regional high school but also the various feeder schools in revising the curriculum to align both vertically (from grade to grade) and also horizontally (across the grades) in each school. This was done to ensure that all students had access to equitably consistent curricula, regardless of which school they attended before coming to the high school. Clearly, she had firsthand knowledge of what it means to bring together students from different towns and different schools in one building and to create a unified community of learners.
Graig has similar knowledge but with adults. Through his years of volunteering in town, he has worked collaboratively to meet the needs of the community and to teach students about fire safety. He is particularly passionate about the safety in our schools and making certain that our educators and students are safe in our schools. With his knowledge about safety drills and his many connections in both towns in our district, Graig clearly understands what it means to work together to make sure our students are safe.
As parents, both Graig and Niralee want high quality schools for all students in the district, not just their own children. They both believe that all students should have equitable access to college level coursework and instruction. They both believe in working together to meet the needs of the community: Graig through his work with Killingworth Volunteer Fire Department and Niralee through her work with the board at HKYFS.
Both candidates have been consistently involved in advocating for our students.  They will represent the community, not their own agenda.  As a BOE member, they would strive to ensure transparency and integrity.    Please consider supporting Niralee Patel-Lye and Graig Judge.
Rebecca Drew
Killingworth, Conn.

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