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Letter to the Editor: Supporting Rep. Christine Palm

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. We welcome supporting or opposing views on any published item. Received June 19, 2022.

To The Editor:
This letter is in response to the recent article reporting the nomination of
Christopher Turkington as candidate for State Representative in the 36th
Assembly District (HK News, June 9, 2022). The candidate asserted that his
candidacy would bring “a breath of fresh air” to Hartford, but the article failed to
mention his qualifications for taking on a position of such importance. The voters
of Haddam, Essex, Deep River, and Chester have had extraordinary leadership with
the incumbent, State Representative Christine Palm. She has served her district for
two terms, serving in leadership roles on the Environment Committee and the
Government Administration and Elections Committee. She has been an effective
legislator, fighting for public safety, health and economic concerns of constituents,
the removal of invasive plants in our local waters, climate education for our youth,
voting measures to protect us during Covid, and the protection of reproductive
freedom. With this level of competence and advocacy, why would we need to
consider a change, especially one with such little merit? Representative Palm has
won my confidence as a public servant. She is astute, empathetic, and fully
committed to the people she serves. One only needs to look at her record to know
that she cares about her constituents and our quality of life in the Lower Connecticut River
Valley. That is a good enough reason to re-elect Christine Palm. She will indeed
make certain that you are “breathing fresh air.”
Claire M. Walsh, Killingworth

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