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Letter to the Editor: Response to Christine Palm from Chris Page

The views stated here are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect those of the editors of this newspaper. Received July 28, 2021. The letter below is in response to this letter.

Representative Palm,

I must say that I find it disturbing that you claim to know someone’s character and beliefs without ever having met them or engaged them in conversation. Instead, you have accepted the word of a loud, disgruntled few, who take it upon themselves to deem those who hold differing opinions unworthy, to declare people you don’t know unfit to serve in the best interest of our children. Perhaps before making such a declaration, you should have the courtesy to at least make the attempt to contact those persons to hear their thoughts. Since that seems beneath you, please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Chris Page.  I am, and will remain, a Republican Candidate for Regional School District #17 Board of Education.
I am a husband of 20 years and am the proud father of two boys, 9 and 16, who attend/attended HK Schools. My 16yearold currently attends The Sound School in New Haven.
I have worked building telecommunications systems for over 25 years.
I served on the Board of Directors of the Silver City Quarter Midget Club in Meriden, CT for 7 years, holding the positions of Open Board, Safety Director, multiple terms as Vice President, and Assistant Regional Director.
I have volunteered my time and resources to the Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, multiple [racetracks] and drum corps.  As you can plainly see, I have consistently served in the best interest of children.

As an elected official whose job is
to make decisions affecting your entire constituency, I assumed that you would undertake the research necessary to have a better understanding of all the facts and how they are used.

Yes. I proudly brought my family, along with tens of thousands of others, on January 6, 2021, to see our President speak and participate in letting Congress hear our voices. 99% of the people in attendance were there just to show support for our President. Yes, there were those who chose violence, but that was their purpose for being there and they were called out where they were found.

As for it being an illegal gathering, I believe the 1st Amendment (Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Religion; or prohibiting the free expression there of; or abridging the Freedom of Speech, or of the Press; or the Right of The People peaceably to assemble and petition the Government for a redress of Grievances) would disagree.

The “Profound Damage” you reference to totals a whopping $1.5 million (Axios 6/3/21) as opposed to the up to $2 BILLION (Washington Post 9/16/20) in damages from the 2020 riots and murders.  I don’t recall you issuing a statement about that.  Calling it an “Armed Crowd” is also a bit of a stretch as not one single gun was taken by the Capital Police from any protestor. Yes, items such as stun guns, pepper spray, baseball bats, etc. were taken but those can hardly be considered offensive weapons capable of overthrowing the most powerful government in the world.

Now this is a mistake that shocked me. You state that the “attack” impeded the “Lawful Swearing In” of Joe Biden. I believe that is called the Inauguration which took place on January 20, not January 6.

Unfortunately, there were deaths that happened that day. Here are their causes of death, as announced by Dr Francisco Diaz, District of Columbia Chief Medical Examiner:

1- Ashli Babbit, 35, died by Homicide from a gunshot to the left shoulder. She was shot by an (as of yet) unnamed Capitol Police Officer.
2- Kevin Greeson, 55, died of Natural Causes from Cardiovascular Disease.  
3- Benjamin Phillips, 50, died of Natural Causes from Cardiovascular Disease.
4- Roseanne Boyland, 34, died by accident from acute amphetamine intoxication.
5- Capital Police Officer Brian Sicknick, 42, died of Natural Causes the day following the events. (CBS News 4/20/21)


It is noteworthy that no deaths were directly caused by the attendees of the protest.

As for my part in all of this?  Well, we arrived, I walked on the lawn with my son [on] my shoulders, we left. To insinuate we did anything else is an unfounded lie and defamatory.

Concerning personal beliefs, I have always thought that in America, everyone was entitled to hold their own beliefs without having to explain them to anyone. “Conspiracy Theories” come in all shapes and sizes from Bigfoot and Nessieto Russian Collusion and “Safest Election Ever”.  If you have any information that factually debunks any of them, please let me know.

Regarding encouraging the defiance of science, when that science changes depending on the needs of the leaders, it is hard to follow along. I personally believe that I have domain over my body, and being proudly Pro Choice, I’m sure you will support me invoking the “My Body, My Choice” Clause for medical decisionmaking when it comes to masking myself and my children.

I have lived my life trying to better the lives of children, both my own and others. My plan is to continue to do so.

Respectfully yours,

Chris Page
Higganum, CT

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